Monday Smiles – 9/1/2014

labor daySo, it’s Labor Day. There was a time … many years ago … that it meant summer vacation was over and it was time to go back to school.  That wasn’t so bad … I liked school and by the end of summer, I was ready to go back.   Once I started working, it meant a three day weekend … and that my commute would be slower with the kids going back to school.  Yes, I knew the day was meant to celebrate the American labor movement but being the son of a man who was vehemently anti-union, we didn’t talk much about that.  And, of course, it’s become perhaps the second biggest day for retail sales (after Black Friday).  Ironic that because of the sales, more people have to work on the holiday.  Now that I’m semi-retired and self-employed, I can have a three day weekend any time, it’s easy to miss it entirely unless I look a the calendar on my phone or Muri says, Monday’s Labor Day, Do we want to invite someone over?

Like most Labor Day Weekends, Muri and I are keeping this one simple.  I spent some time at the park on Saturday … and Muri yesterday … because today, it will be a zoo.  Friday night we watched our undergrad alma mater, University of Connecticut, play BYU.  Not so good … BYU 35, UConn 10, which is why I’m a UConn fan during the basketball season.  Saturday, we watched my graduate school alma mater, University of Southern California play Fresno State.  Very good, USC 52, Fresno 13.   After the game we went out to dinner atusc smlogo Chile’s to celebrate.  Sunday was a work day, just so I’d have something to take the day off from on Monday.  Well, that and we’re having my office painted Tuesday and I had to move everything away from the walls.   It will give me a chance to completely redo the office and rewire everything but it was an all day job.  All the better to take the day off from.  And today, we’re going out for brunch with our friends Ron and Kerry then coming back to our place to make some additional plans for the Mediterranean cruise we’re taking together (We invited someone over).

So, a USC Trojan victory … a dinner date … a productive Sunday … and a Labor Day with friends.  That’s my kind of Labor Day Weekend.  It’s Monday … I’m smiling.

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2 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 9/1/2014”

  1. Sounds like a good Monday! I spent Friday night through Sunday late afternoon at the beach and came back because I learned last year (the first year in my professional life that I didn’t have to work the holiday) that returning on Monday like all the other last-hoorah beachgoers meant the drive took twice as long. So I’ve been cleaning for a couple of hours, and now I’m reading while I wait for the floor to dry. Then I’m going to see Amanda and Ali (Amanda’s having surgery tomorrow). How nice to have a day to do whatever suits!

    • oldereyes Says:

      My Day Weekend ended with a bizarre twist. I developed … or noticed for the first time … many small floaters in my vision … and after reading (on the internet, of course) that a sudden increase could be a sign of a retinal tear, Imade an emergency visit to my eye doctor who was kinbd enough to meet me at his office on Labor Day at 8 pm. Nothing major. Just age.

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