Friday Favorites 9/5/2014

shelf2I am an incessant collector of mementos.   You might call them tchotchkes if you knew the Yiddish term (a knickknack or trinket, usually of little monetary value).  Isn’t it true that it’s memories that transform a tchotchke into a memento?  There are rocks and sea shells from various places we’ve visited.   There are glass birds that spend forty-something years on my Mom’s tier table.  There is a bullet casing from the 7-gun salute at my Dad’s funeral.  There’s a candle from the table at my daughter’s wedding and my old slide rule from college.   I bring this up because this week I had my office painted, which required moving all the furniture to the center of the room … and packing up all my mementos.  Now, I am reconstructing my office and discovering much working space my memento collection was costing me.  So, I’m trying to be judicious in deciding which … and how many … of them make there way back to my desk and bookcase and which make their way to our storage bin.  Some, I may conclude actually are tchotchkes that I can discard (I can’t bring myself to say, Throw in the Trash).

So, since I’m deciding which to keep on this busy Friday … and still want to post a Friday Favorite … why not a favorite memento?  The truth is, I don’t have to think too hard.  The minute I chose the topic, an item popped into my mind (the challenge will be finding it in the large plastic storage box of tchotchkes … er, mementos … so I can include a picture).   It is a small bottlesand of pinkish sand from the beach in Bermuda where we spent our honeymoon.  Interestingly, as I was packing things up, I rediscovered another honeymoon memento … a This Week in Bermuda pamphlet from that week in August of 1968.   How long ago was that?  Well, on page 37, you’ll find dinners at the Hamilton Hobrau for $1.20 to $5. or (on page 10) how about a five hour taxi tour of Bermuda  for $13.00?  Back on page 76, you can rent a sailboat for $14.00 a day.  How come everything didn’t seem so inexpensive back then?  Oh, yeah …. I was making about $5.00 an hour as an electrical engineer.


Anyway, that’s my Friday Favorite for this week.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

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One Comment on “Friday Favorites 9/5/2014”

  1. Those are the things that become relics of history! (Well, maybe not the jar of pink sand.) I have a porcelain egg with its top open in a zig-zag “broken” pattern, gilded on the edges, painted with tiny flowers, that stands on three legs. It obviously broke at some point; there’s a fine line where someone—probably my grandfather—glued it back together. It belonged to my grandmother, and before her, her great-aunt (who was very close to her in age), and before that, my great-great grandmother. It’s more than 100 years old. It sits on my bedside table, but used to be on a corner table with drop-leaves in my grandparents’ house. My grandmother grew fond of giving away her tchotchkes as she got older (my grandfather just shaking his head) so that everyone would have something to remember her by. As if we needed tchotchkes to remember her. But I like having a few. (She also gave me a Hummel of a girl sitting in front of what must be a tower at a convent, which now stands on my bookshelf. The girl’s hands are folded in prayer and there is what I have to believe is a nun looking down at her from the window in the tower. It sounds really creepy, but it’s not. She said the girl reminded her of me.)

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