Monday Smiles – 9/8/2014

solanaSometimes, there is absolutely nothing like a day or two away.   It’s not that we don’t love our home … or that there is anything particularly odious to get away from.   Our life is good.   But home is home and there are always chores whispering in the hallways, asking to be done.  And others calling from the yard.   When you are self-employed … at home … work is always just down the hall, too, singing its siren’s song … Bill some hours, bill some hours.  So Saturday, we headed south on the 5 Freeway, along the Pacific coast to the little town of Solana Beach, where one of our oldest friends, Jackie, lives.  If you need proof that Jackie is a dear friend, all you need to know is that we left during the first quarter of the USC-Stanford Football game.  Fortunately, when we arrived at Jackie’s house, I got to watch most of the second half and even more fortunately, the Trojans won the game, 13-10.   I hate to admit this, but I’m a lot more fun to be around when USC wins.

This week was Jackie’s birthday, so we took her to the Chart House restaurant, which is right on the sand of Solana Beach.  There, we had an excellent meal … sea bass for Jackie and I, coconut shrimp and beef medallions for Muri … and asunset chocolate lava cake for desert, perfectly timed to coincide with the Pacific sunset … and as always when we’re together, laughed our way through dinner.   We returned to Jackie’s to relax and watch the odd but quite funny Bad Words, starring Jason Bateman as a bitter adult exploiting a loophole in the rules to compete in a National Spelling Bee.   It’s certainly not for everyone.  Rotten Tomatoes described it as Scabrously funny and gleefully amoral.  Sunday, we had breakfast at a small bistro then wandered the Premium Outlets in Carlsbad, doing a little shopping but mostly talking.   We had a late lunch at the Corner Bakery before heading north to Anaheim Hills, where our chores were still waitiing.   So, I was wrong.  There is something better than a day or two away … there’s a day or two away with a Good Friend.

Frosting is always nice on a weekend.   As I was going out to pick up dinner, the sun was setting in the West.  It was a decent enough sunset, but nothing compared to what was going on in the east, the rise of the full moon in the fading light of day.  Please, let my camera be in the trunk, I thought, as I pulled into the parking lot of the local supermarket.  It was, so I get to share the moonrise with you.

So, yeah.  It’s Monday, I’m smiling.


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