Letting Go

About a month after starting Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog, I posted Very Short Story:

It had been a long week.     People told him to Let Go and Let God until he thought he’d scream. Alone in the park at last, he asked aloud (but not screaming – how would that look?), Let go and let God what?  To his surprise, God answered.  o just what I was going to do anyway.  Isn’t that enough?

In the five years since Very Short Story, I’ve found a degree of spiritual peace that I never thought possible but still, no 12-Step slogan sets my mind to wondering more than Let Go and Let God.  In addition to wondering what I was letting God do, I’ve worried about what I was supposed to do once I Let God.   I am a man of action, after all.   I found an old Middle Eastern saying that matches my instincts perfectly: Trust God but tie your camel to a tree.  Yes, sometimes when we take our hands off a situation, it works itself out.  But other times, we still have to do our part, make decisions and carry through on them … or, finding they were faulty, make new ones.

I’ve also wondered on occasion, Why Let God?   There are those who say, When I Let Go and Let God, my life gets better.  I hope they know how lucky they are that their lives are what they are.   Life isn’t always like that.  Sometimes, we place someone we love in God’s hands and they die anyway.  Sometimes, we do our best to do God’s will and life crumbles around us anyway.  In those situations, it does help to believe that what I’m going through is part of God’s plan and, yes, I have learned lessons from those times that have made me better … or made other parts of my life better.  Still, you’re not going to find me going around saying, When I Let Go and Let God, my life gets better.  At least not without a sometimes in there.   I could probably manage, When I Let Go and Let God, I get better or make better decisions.  And I can say with certainty, When I Let Go and Let God, life is better than when I don’t.  Acceptance.   Isn’t that enough?   Sometimes.

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4 Comments on “Letting Go”

  1. throwbackwords Says:

    Very well written..

  2. territerri Says:

    Maybe ‘Let go and let God’ means something different for everyone. It’s such a simple phrase. Maybe too simple. What I am only just learning is that I can’t necessarily just let things go. But I can relax my iron grip on them just a little bit. And I can trust that God knows what he’s doing, even if what’s happening makes no sense to me at that moment. Of course, all of that would make for a terrible catch phrase.

  3. lifeunderacarolinamoon Says:

    Let go and let God. Others make it sound so easy. I am finally reaching a point in my life that I know I can’t do it all by myself. I made a major decision in my life several years back and suffered the judgement of others. But, I worried the most what my God thought about me. I had to let go and hear the message my God was sending me. That message was that God loves me unconditionally. So in my case it was — Let Go & Let God Love Me. Since I’ve been able to believe that all the other “stuff” is just that — stuff…

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