american airlinesIt’s Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Eyes are on vacation.  Sort of.  If you count being crammed into the middle seat of a full flight to Chicago part of the vacation.  Fortunately it’s an exit row, so I have leg room if not elbow room.   No, we’re not vacationing in Chicago.  We have a two hour layover there before we board a flight to Rome.  No, not Rome, New York.  The Rome.  Italy.  Since our flight this morning left at 9:00 am from the L.A. Airport, we stayed at a Marriott nearby to avoid facing the L.A. traffic in the morning.  Our traveling companions stayed there, too, so we had a really nice dinner in Latitudes 33, the hotel bistro.  There was a California GOP convention going on, so the hotel was crawling with Republicans of every ilk.  I thought they were extinct in Calfornia outside of Orange County.   In order take the hotel shuttle to the airport, we bounced out of our beds at 5:30.  OK, we didn’t exactly bounce.  Anyway, back to flying.   The flight from Chicago to Rome is about 9 hours … and given the time difference, we will arrive in Rome at about 9:00 am on Monday.   Depending on how much we sleep on the flight to Rome we will probably be exhausted but everyone tells us that we should try to stay awake until night time.  We’ll probably do some sightseeing near the hotel to keep busy.

So, the plan is to keep a little travelogue going here on Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog for those of you that might want to tag along.  When each post gets posted remains to be seen.  Internet access and time may both be at a premium.  For example, here on our American Airlines flight, 90 minutes of internet access is $15. Not that I don’t love my readers but that’s not gonna happen.  I’ll write when I can and post when I can, hopefully including a few highlights and or at least a few pictures in each post.  But I doubt you’d be interested in a picture of the inside of a Boeing 737, so today, I’ll leave you with a little flying music, Peter, Paul and Mary’s beautiful version of John Denver’s Leaving on a Jet Plane

Yes, it’s a little melancholy for someone leaving on the vacation of a lifetime, so I’ll let Old Blue Eyes close with something a little more joyful, Come Fly with Me.

Talk to you whenever,

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One Comment on “Flying”

  1. sharon towns Says:

    cant wait to see the pictures and hear about the Vatican.

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