Bon Voyage

image Our shuttle from the Crowne Plaza to Citivechia, where we board the Norwegian Epic, was scheduled to leave at 11:30, so we got to sleep in a bit.  That was nice because even after several days, my body is thoroughly confused about what tim eit is, no matter what my watch says.  Although I fall asleep easily at bed time, I awake three or four hours later wide awake.  The bus ride was about an hour and ten minutes by the time we picked up two couples at another hotel and two at the airport.  Since the Epic holds up to 4,100 passengers, we though check in might be a nightmare, but the lines were short and we were on board quickly.  We would later find that the Epic takes on passengers in Citivechia and Barcelona … and that most travelers board in Barcelona.  We found our staterooms, unpacked, then went to lunch in the garden cafe, an excellent cafe.  After some time exploring the ship and there were things to do, like check on shore excursions and arrange for internet access, then spend some time relaxing (read: taking a nap) before dinner.

Dinner was at 7:30 and as we were getting ready, we were treated to a Mediteranean sunset from our balcony as our ship departed.  Dinner was chateaubriand with apple pie a la mode for dessert.  We listened to some piano music in one of the lounges then retired early to be ready for our long shore excurision on Thursday, to Florence and Pisa.

I am still managing to stay only one day behind on my posting but it’s day-to-day.  See you whenever.

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