I’d like to give you a fabulous post on our adventure in Cannes, France.   I’d like to but I won’t be doing so because we didn’t have an adventure in Cannes.   The Norwegian Epic was anchored off-shore, so we were tendered to Cannes on one of the ships lifeboats, where we had an hour or so coach tour of the city, after which we decided we’d seen enough.   That was probably in part the cumulative effect of 4 days of travel and forced march walking tours on one seventyish couple, but it also had to do with the city itself.   Primarily known for its film festival and the high rollers that attracts, the city’s main attractions are the film center where the Cannes Film Festival is held, the elegant hotels and apartments along the beach, and the a line-up of excllusive shops that would make Rodeo Drive blush.   Yes, there is a church and a castle of sorts at the top of the hill and some lovely gardens along the main drive but we saw nothing we needed to go back and see on foot, so we reboarded the tender boat and had a nice day on board.

Nice day: a quiet lunch in O’Sheehans (corned beef sandwiches and fries), a stroll around the ship and some time spent together on the patio of our spatious stateroom, Muri reading and me, posting.  Yes, and a long overdue nap for both of us.  When we awoke we were treated to a remarkable show by large sailboats racing in the Medditerranean just off to the port of the Epic.

Instead of our regular dinner in the Manhattan Room, tonight we had reservations for Cirque Dreams Dinner Show on board.  The Sigfried Tent is an intimate environment in which you get to see the Cirque de Soleil performaers close up … and the show was fabulous.  The dinner?  So-so, but the show was good enough that it hardly mattered.  We left thew show and went to a walk-in show in Hightlighters, the Epic’s Comedy Club.  The act, Graffiti Classic, could best be described as a comedy string quartet.   As sort of a music snob, I was prepared to hate it but they were very funny and could play as well.  You can teach an old curmudgeon new tricks, it turns out.

And tomorrow, it’s La Palma, Majorca.   See you then.

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