Today we arrived in Barcelona, Spain (if it’s Barcelona, it must be Sunday).  Things have gone swimmingly (whatever that means) so far but our day in Barcelona was abbreviated by a weekend athletic festival (in which many of the roads were closed for running and bike races) and an unexpected rainstorm that started late in the morning.  Fortunately we did get to visit the Sagrad Familia before the rains came.   This remarkable Basilica, designed by the Spanish architect, Gaudi, has been under construction for almost 100 years and is not expected to be completed until 2026.   There’s too much to tell you about Sagrada Familia, so I’ll just give you a link to a good description (here) … and show you a picture.


Once the showers turned to a downpour, the tour returned to the ship so we had a relaxing afternoon eating (of course), reading/posting, and even squeezing in a nice nap.   Since there’s not much to report about Barcelona, I’ll tell you about the shows on the image Epic.  There are three main shows: Legends in Concert (singers performing as well-known singing stars); The Blue Man Group; and a Cirque Dreams Dinner Show.   The performers being featured in Legends the night we took the trip to Florence weren’t people we had much interest in seeing, so we skipped it.  Friday night we saw Cirque Dreams.   It was similar to other Cirque de Soleil productions we’ve seen but was presented in an intimate night club setting, so we could see the performers close-up.  Being close did nothing to diminish their grace but made the exertion required in each act much more obvious.  It was certainly the best show we’ve seen on a ship.  Tonight we saw The Blue Man Group, an act I’ve always wanted to see but somehow missed.  What can I say,  the show was image loud, strange, funny and thoroughly enjoyable, from the drums spraying paint into the a ir and the first few rows of the audience to the finale, with hundreds of rolls of toilet paper unraveling into the audience to be passed to the stage under strobe lights.  I loved it.  In between, we’ve seen: Graffiti Classics, a comedy string quartet that mixed humor and classical music; Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano act that plays and sings rock songs by request; and the Beatles Celebration Band, a Group that has the Beatles style and especially their instumental playing down to perfection.  Hopefully before we leave the Epic, we’ll get to see Supreme Dreamgirls, a Motown tribute act.   These have been the most professional shows I’ve seen on a cruise.

Tomorrow, we at sea.  Tonight, as I’m writing, the rainstorm continues and I can feel the subtle swaying of the boat for the first time since we boarded.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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One Comment on “Shows”

  1. sharon towns Says:

    The Basilica is a beauty!

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