Monday Smiles – 19/6/2014

st peters too

So, here is is, Monday again.  Since Monday is the sole surviving theme day, Monday Smiles, here on Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog, posting on Mondays sometimes requires a little creative smile-searching.  Not that I don’t have a very good life but like most humans, I am sometimes inclined to take the everyday blessings for granted … and in doing so, I forget to smile about them.  That is exactly the reason I originally added Monday Smiles to my blog … and exactly why it remains.  But this week, no search is necessary.   If you’ve been following along, you know that my wife, Muri and I just returned from a Mediterranean vacation which gives me two things to smile about … memories of a great vacation and returning home.  Yes, those of us with Older Eyes do like to return to our daily routines.  So, I thought I’d offer the ten best things about our vacation and the ten best things about returning home.  No, this is not a David Letterman routine … it’s not meant to be funny.  Then again, I don’t find him very funny.


10.  Forgetting about everything for almost two weeks.
9.  Touring the Colosseum
8.  Waling the streets of Pompeii
7.  Strolling through Sorrento and lunch in a sidewalk cafe.
6.  Unexpectedly finding the Cathedral of Santa Maria in La Palma Majorca
5.  The Cirque Dreams and Blue Man Group shows on the Norwegian Epic
4.  Dinner and entertainment with friends every night
3.  Touring Florence
2.  Seeing St. Peter’s Basilica
1.  Standing in the Sistine Chapel under Michelangelo’s frescoes


10.  Paying $1.00 for a 40 ounce Diet Coke instead of 5 euros for an Italian
mini-can of Coca Light
9.  Always being able to find a restroom that doesn’t cost euros
8.  Being able to walk to the other side of the bedroom without asking Muri to move.
7.  Being able to cross the street without making a run for it.
6.  Blogging with Mr. P, our Siamese cat,on my lap.
5.  Not having to hunt for … or pay for … internet access
4.  Quiet spaces … at home and in the park
3.  Enough with the food already !!!
2.  Sleeping in our own bed
1.  Back to our own routine, which is a pretty good life.

So, there you go … twenty reasons to smile on Monday … and I am.

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One Comment on “Monday Smiles – 19/6/2014”

  1. glenn Says:

    I feel like you took me along on the trip. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it and are back home safe and sound !

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