Small Choices

image I was standing in line at MacDonald’s on my way to the park this morning, waiting to get a large Diet Coke (All Sizes – $1.00).  Ever since we got home from Rome where Coca Light costs €5.00 for a mini-can, I’ve been craving the stuff.  Yes, I know, all that aspartame isn’t good for me.  Give me a break, OK. I’m probably too far along in life to worry about Long Term Effects.  Anyway, the guy in front of me was ordering for his work crew, and when his order came, the hostess had misunderstood … he was supposed to have three combos (with drinks) and she only brought him two.  When he complained, the young woman just handed him a cup and additional French fry.   He offered to pay but she said, No, you don’t have to.  It was my mistake.    Uh-huh, the glass-half-empty side of me (often known as my Inner Curmudgeon) thought.  It’s more work for her to take the money than to just hand him the food.  As she waited on me politely, getting my order perfect, I realized that she’d perfectly executed that maxim of customer service – The Customer is Always Right.  As I filled my drink, I turned to the guy with the three combos and said, That was nice of her, wasn’t it, to give your your order without charging you.   He looked at me blankly as if he hadn’t noticed then smiled. Yes, that was nice, he finally admitted.

Every day there are seemingly insignificant events that can be seen in a positive or negative light and most days, my attitude at the end of the day reflects the sum total of how I responded to those events. I can listen to the ranting of my Inner Curmudgeon and end the day a bitter old goat or I can relegate his ravings to my curmudgeonly rants on Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog and end the day, if not smiling, at least content.

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One Comment on “Small Choices”

  1. lifeunderacarolinamoon Says:

    I’ve found a more positive view (if not always attitude HA!) can go a long way to make the every day more palatable. My personal philosophy at this advanced age — IN ALL THINGS BE KIND. Works for most everything…

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