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I never realized it until I reached sixty-something and joined The Club myself, but my Dad was a first rate curmudgeon.  And, as the oldest of my siblings, I’ve had the privelege of watching my brother become a member in good standing and my sister join The Club’s Ladies Auxiliary, the Curmudgeonettes.  If it strikes you as a bit inappropriate that we have a Ladies Auxiliary, that’s just fine … we curmudgeons just love a bit inappropriate. Being a curmudgeon can be a mixed blessing at best, particularly if you live with someone you love, but a constant advantage of being a curmudgeon blogger is that when you need More Peeves to post about, there are always a few hanging around.  Here are this week’s:

image 1.  Leaf Blowers:  OK, this morning I needed some time alone in the park.  However, it is time for the Annual Dethatching of the Lawn Areas.  Lawn mowers.  De-thatching machines.  Raking machines.  I can live with them, we have a beautiful park because our County Gardeners take good care of it.   But Leaf Blowers are among the noisiest machines invented by man and all they do is move shit around.  So, I disgruntedly jumped in my car and drove to Hurless Burton Park (what were his parents thinking!) and what did I find?  Leaf blowers.  So, here I sit, headphones on with jazz turned up loud.   What ever happened to raking lawns and sweeping sidewalks?  Is it really that hard?

image 2.  Grown Men Who Call Other Grown Men Dude:   On my way from My Park to Hurless Burton Park, I was listening to ESPN Sports Talk.  John Ireland, who’s both a sports talk guy and Lakers announcer, was talking about the upcoming NBA Season.  In a world of sophomoric bozos, Ireland manages to sound reasonably intelligent, at least until he decided to describe some show business personality a a really good dude.   Automatic 50 point IQ deduction, unless you’re under 25, in which case, the deduction is 25.  Am I out of touch with modern vernacular?  You bet your ass and proud of it.

image 3. Kale:  Let me say this up front … I am the child of a woman who ate anything green.  We ate collard greens, broccoli rabe, even dandelions and I like most of them.  My favorite vegetable is brussels sprouts, for Pete’s sake, so I’m not anti-greens.   What I am is anti-trendy-foods.  I can’t walk into a restaurant these days without someone trying to slip kale into my diet.  Kale-quinoa pilaf (really?).  Whole-grain spaghetti with kale (someone notify the Godfather, please).   They’re even trying to slip it into my personal favorites like Caesar salad and wilted spinach salad.   It’s a freaking garnish!

image 4. Ebola-Pols: What would Peeves be without one serious subject? Last week, the Ebola Pseudo-Crisis and the publicity-seeking scientists / crisis-mongering media types that create it were Pet Peeves. This week, it’s the attention-seeking politicians who can’t resist making decisions they are unqualified to make or doubling down by commenting on the decisions of other Ebola-Pols. Naturally, the always bombastic Governor Christie stands out here but our self-proclaimed smartest-man-in-any-room president (who’s obviously never been in a room with me) qualifies as a first rate Ebola-pol, too. Please, all of you. Shut up.

OK, my Inner Curmudgeon feels better and that means I do, too. What are your Pet Peeves this week?

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One Comment on “More Peeves”

  1. jenihill Says:

    I hadn’t been thinking of pet peeves until you mentioned it. However, on reading this piece, I understand completely now that yes, I do qualify for the ranks of the side branch -The Curmudgeonettes! You betcha! I agree with all your peeves and would like to add one -insurance companies! Hate, hate, hate those buggers! Especially since I have to be surfing for a NEW insurance company since BC/BS announced to me, about 2 weeks ago, maybe 3 by now, that my current policy will no longer be in effect for me after December 31st. So, as a result of trying to get some kind of information online to compare rates and bennies, etc., that also leaves me as a captive audience to every freaking insurance company there is, who are all out in full force, trying to get my business! I am tired and do not care to talk about this stuff. Just send me junk mail please that I can glance at and tell in that short amount of time scanning over rates which companies I might consider speaking to. DO NOT CALL me because inevitably you will either call me shortly after 8 a.m. when I am still abed, sound asleep or you will call at one of the various naptimes I try to follow daily.
    All if which does not make me a happy insurance shopping camper!

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