Monday Smiles – 11/3/2014

P1000949Friday, Halloween night, the weather here in Socal finally took a look at the calendar and realized it was autumn.  The temperature fell into the fifties and it rained, fortunately late enough not to spoil the trick-or-treating for the few kiddies that made it to our door at the end of a cul-de-sac at the top of a hill.  By back East standards, our autumn here is pretty subtle and even into November there’s no guarantee that we won’t have some days where the temperature climbs into the eighties.  Still, I love it.  I love getting up on Saturday morning and putting on a long sleeved T-shirt to wear to the park and knowing that I should throw a windbreaker in the car for my walk.  I love what my Mom used to call the snap in the air and I love that we get cornflower blue skies and the kind of cottony clouds that I remember from my childhood in Connecticut, full of creatures to be found by imaginative children.   I’ve been watching the fall foliage in the photos from my friends on Facebook, and although my brother, Glenn, reminds me whenever I comment of the work needed to rake them once they fall, I’m still jealous.

More of the trees are evergreen here, pretending it’s summer through the depths of our winter, when the temperature plunges into the forties.  Even the deciduous trees are more bashful, less inclined to make a show of themselves.  The sycamore leaves turn briefly tan then a dull brown while the birch and aspens can’t bring themselves to display anything more exciting than yellow.  Others of our trees are merciless procrastinators, giving us only a taste of color now before turning crimson after winter arrives.  It takes a sharp eye to capture the beauty of autumn in early November here but I’ve always had one of those.  And fortunately, I usually have my camera along.  So, welcome to Socal Autumn (Click on any image to see a larger slideshow).

So, it’s Monday.  Autumn is here.  I’m smiling.


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2 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 11/3/2014”

  1. Buddy, your wonderful writing style captured my attention (as usual) and I thoroughly enjoyed your description of the Socal autumn. I love our colorful Western PA fall and never thought about NOT seeing such a wonderful display. Thanks for the different perspective. I do however take exception to your remarks about the color yellow…it’s my favorite!

  2. jenihill Says:

    Your pictures, I agree, are very pretty, for sure and the temps in your area sound really great as well considering we’ve had ups and downs with the weather this entire year now -from horrible below zero temps last winter, through a wet and often very cold spring, chilly summer as well and still a bit of a merry-go-round with Mother Nature this fall too. But, one thing is for sure, she didn’t fail us with the beauty of the fall colors as the trees showed off absolutely gorgeous plumage this year! Every time I had to go out and drive along a couple of highways here that cut through a big swath of forests, I marveled at the scenery presented to me. Makes me glad to be a resident of Pennsylvania all over again when I see those sights!

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