Sending Them Home

P1010007Someone once told me, The best thing about grandchildren is that you get to spoil them then send them home.  Last night, we sent ours home, at least until we return to AZ for Christmas.   It is a bittersweet moment for Older Eyes as we pull away from their house with the back seat of car quiet after two days of commotion there.   Bitter because our times spent together are some of the best moments of my senior years.  Being around them brings out the kid in me … I play along with them, participating in their silly games and pretending to be The Grumpy Returns Guy at the Supermarket.  Our trips in the car are chaotic as we pass the time with games, songs and, of course. grammar school humor.  But dropping them off is sweet, too, because after two days of constant motion, we are exhausted.  Every toy and game from our toy closet has made its way to the living room floor and even though we made sure  the kids had put them all back where they belong, they are certain to be piled willy-nilly in the closet.  And, for sure, when we vaccum before heading home to California, game pieces, blocks and an occasional Old Maid card will turn up.  There are sticky spots on the kitchen floor and the kitchen table from fruit cups and spilled juice.  Hurricanes Reed, Maddux and Savannah have been here.

20141125_093556In the last week, I have smiled more than I have in months and I have laughed so hard that I had to gasp for breath.    I have seen my grandson, Maddux, play Johnny Appleseed in the class play and helped out in my grandaughter Savannah’s classroom for her20141126_110043 Thanksgiving Feast.  When I finally got to see my oldest grandson, Reed, he’d just returned from a class field trip to the Musical Instrument Museum and he was so excited that I’d been there and loved it, too.  He reminds me of myself as a boy.  I have played countless games of Old Maid P1010043and Go Fish and that darn memory game that Muri and I hate …. but the kids love.  We had movie night with popcorn and Mr. Peabody and Sherman and went to the Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale.  We played Find the Alphabet in the car and I taught them to sing the Scottish bagpipe round which got us laughing so hard I thought I’d have to get off the freeway.  I was Donald Duck for half an hour.  We went out for pizza and watched Christmas specials on TV.

And here it is, Sunday morning.  The house is quiet.  Muri is sleeping in and I’ve got some time to post.  It’s nice.  It’s our routine, minus our favorite park in California.   But part of me, the part of me that thinks I’m still a younger man, wishes they were still here.  The irony, of course, is that younger man wouldn’t have had the patience to enjoy them as much as I do now.  So, we’ll listen to Older Eye’s Older Perspective and have a quiet day before heading back to CA tomorrow where we’ll rest up so we can Spoil them all over again in a few weeks when we come back for Christmas.

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2 Comments on “Sending Them Home”

  1. jenihill Says:

    I had the privilege of having my two younger grandkids live with me from the time they came home from the hospital until a year ago this past July. (They are now 11 and 8) Last year, after each visit here with me, it was mostly bitter with only a little bit of the sweet tacked on. This year, it’s a bit easier when they leave to go back home but boy, after having had them here for the entire past week, it most definitely is very, very quiet here now. They each made their normal messes but overall, it wasn’t too much. The boy spent much of his time looking at videos on the computer on one of his favorite topics -cooling towers at nuclear energy plants! He is still -after 6 months now -totally obsessed with that subject! His sister, I think, may have memorized most of my old Avon brochures because she can rattle off many of the company’s product lines!
    But we are each so fortunate as to have these youngsters as a big part of our lives, aren’t we, Bud?

  2. territerri Says:

    I have similar feelings about having my grown kids at home. With extra adults back in the house for days on end, it’s impossible to keep the place tidy and perfect. I never used to cut myself slack for a messy house. Now I don’t mind it, if the reason is that my kids are home.

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