Monday Smiles – 12/29/2014

heart kittyIt’s December 29.   We spent the week in Arizona for Christmas.  Can there be any possible doubt about the source this week’s Monday Smiles?  It’s my grandkids, Reed, Maddux and Savannah.  They enjoyed the holiday as much, I think, as three kids could enjoy a holiday.  They loved their gifts and they loved having us there with them … and that is the best gift we could possibly get.  Christmas Eve, I got to help Santa build a 13 foot trampoline in their yard and they’ve been bouncing ever since.

They are great kids, each special in their own way.  Watching Reed, the way his mind works and the things he likes reminds me so much of myself as a child.  It gives us a special connection.  Maddux is the family athlete.  Anything physical he tries, he’s good at … he’s been able to throw a football better than I can since he was three.  He’s a free spirit, which sometimes gets him into trouble but also makes him a kick to be around.   He is also the cuddler in the family.  And Savy.   Like I’ve always said … Little boys are just little boys, but little girls are little women.  She’s cute, funny, smart and bubbling with personality and she wraps her Papa around her little finger … twice.   No, they aren’t perfect.  Who is?   But I have to say, for a man who wondered if he had The Grandfather Gene, I come as close to perfect as a Papa as anything I’ve done in my life.  Of course, it’s easy when you have three grandkids like mine.

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It’s Monday.  I’m smiling.

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