Resolutions Past

resolutionsFor as long as I can remember, I have made New Year’s resolutions.   Some years, they were informal … someone would say, What are your resolutions for this year? and I’d make a few up on the spot.  Judging how well I’d done keeping them when someone asked, How did you do on last year’s resolutions? was hit or miss … depending on whether I could remember what I’d made up on the spot.  Twenty-five years ago, when I started journaling in the morning on a mostly regular basis, I began to write them in my journals.  I am and have been a wordy journalist and I fill a lot of pages so the likelihood of finding my last year’s resolutions did not improve dramatically … to many pages to search.  Then, in 2009, I started Older Eyes- Bud’s Blog and began to post my resolutions online – then go back the following year and grade myself on how well I did keeping them.  I am, after all, an engineer … performance metrics are ingrained in my consciousness.

Back when I had regular commenters, readers mostly reacted not to my particular resolutions but to the fact that I make them.   Many people see them as as only slightly preferable to leprosy.   I never keep them, so why bother, they say, or, It just discourages me when I don’t keep them.  Others see them as a kind of New Year’s Eve game … you make resolutions just to play along but you don’t worry about them much.   I’m inclined to give my resolutions some serious thought but because I know I’m not going to keep all of them at the start of the game, I don’t get discouraged.  I usually make 5-10 resolutions and a fair number of them are repeats, reworded slightly year to year.  Meditate every day.  Meditate three times a week.  Meditate when you can.  And, of course, the ever popular Lose weight.  I usually have one or two that are spiritual … Pray daily or Read something spiritual.   Since I can tend to isolate, Reach out to a friend every day, sometimes makes an appearance.

I found a post on Statistics Brain titled New Years Resolution Statistics that tells me that I am far from alone.  Although the category always make resolutions was not included, the post shwoed that 45% of Americans usually made resolutions.   On the other hand, 38% absolutely never make resolutions.  Losing weight is the most frequently made resolution, and Staying fit and healthy comes in at number five.  For me these days, it’s usually Getting fit.   There is nothing spiritual in the Top 10, unless you count Enjoy Life to the Fullest (Number 4) or Help Others in Their Dreams (Number 8).  For me, Number 9 is a head-scratcher … resolving to Fall indownward Love sounds like a recipe for a broken heart.  So, how well do those of us who make resolutions do in keeping them?  According to the survey, 64% keep them for a month 46% for six months but by the end of the year, the percentage is down to 8%.  I guess that explains how many people get discouraged and join the absolutely nevers.  I found it interesting that 39% of people under 20 and 14% of those over fifty keep their resolutions.  Those 20 to 50 year olds sure drag down the average.  I’d guess that those under twenty are making resolutions like Party More that are easier to keep, while those over fifty, having realized that life doesn’t go on forever, are contemplating serious change, hence the discrepancy.

At the end of each year, I grade myself from A to F on each of my resolutions and then look at my average.  I will tell you, last year I got a C and repeated my 2013 resolutions, adding, Maybe this year I’ll get my grades up.  It didn’t happen … I was solid D and only because I got an A in A Real Vacation with the Love of My Life (Rome and a Mediterranean cruise does score points).  But I’m not discouraged and tomorrow, I’ll start again, posting this year’s resolutions, if any one else gives a rat’s patoot.  Meanwhile,

Have a Safe, Happy New Year’s Eve


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2 Comments on “Resolutions Past”

  1. lifeunderacarolinamoon Says:

    I’ve been known to give a rat’s patoot on occasion so, I’ll be back tomorrow…

  2. territerri Says:

    I have some ideas about the kinds of things I want to be more conscious and purposeful about in 2015. I guess they qualify as resolutions. Maybe I should decide not to be such a coward about voicing them and maybe then I’ll stand a chance of being more successful in them.

    Happy New Year, Bud. Looking forward to seeing your new resolutions for 2015.

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