Seasonal Confusion

winter mtnsWhen my wife, Muri, and I moved to Southern California over forty years ago from New England, we laughed at people bundled up in winter jackets and gloves for what passed as cold weather here. Yesterday, as I tried to get in my walk in the park before the winter showers turned to rain, I looked like a native Californian … no gloves, but a jacket and warm beanie to cope with the frigid mid-fifties temperature. Just a few days ago, it was eighty degrees in the daytime and a few days before, it was in the high thirties at night. There was frost on the front lawn and the roof next door.

Back in Mentor, OH, where my brother took this picture, there’s no doubt what season it is.

real winter

Here, it depends upon where you look. Some places, it looks like winter.


Some places, it’s autumn.


This eucalyptus tree thinks it’s spring.


Elsewhere, there’s Seasonal Confusion.


But I’m not confused … it’s Socal winter and I love it.

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One Comment on “Seasonal Confusion”

  1. Oy… As one who lives a hop and a skip from Mentor, OH (we live in South Euclid, OH) I must say that I am a bit jealous! 🙂
    Enjoyed the post.

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