Crazy Friday

elvis eyesWhen I got up this morning and headed downstairs to make coffee, the cats were waiting for me outside the bedroom door, Elvis just staring at me with those big Crazy eyes of his and Mr. P meowing like Crazy (or at least what passes for meowing with a Saimese cat.  They aren’t also known as Meezers for nothing).  When the beans were ground and the coffee was ready, I poured myself a cup and added a splash of half-and half, only to see it curdle.  It drives me Crazy when the half-and-half goes bad and I ruin a perfectly good cup of coffee.  I did my Morning Pages at the kitchen table on my tablet with Elvis and Mr. P nudging me like Crazy for some attention.  Cats.  On the way to the park, I pulled up behind a van stopped at a Stop Sign.  He may have been waiting for it to change because he didn’t move until I blew my horn.  Probably texting.  Cars were going straight from the right turn lane and turning left from the right turn lane … and an SUV almost side-swiped me when the driver tried to slip by on my right only to discover that the lane was closed ahead.  But, in spite of the crazies on the road, I made it to my favorite place in the park, ready for some peace and quiet.  Didn’t happen … there were three Crazy kids feeding the ducks then trying to hit them with sticks when they got close enough.  Of course the kids are Crazy because their parents are Idiots.  Dad was a big Idiot so Older Eyes kept his mouth shut until he couldn’t stand it any more, then came home.  It’s officially a Crazy Friday.

OK, you’ve probably figured out by now that I have nothing of any importance to say today but I’m determined to post.  And Crazy seems to be the theme that’s presented itself.  How about a few songs about being crazy?   That, dear readers, is harder than you might think … according to Crazy Title Songs, there are hundreds of songs with the word Crazy in the title … but none about Crazy cats, Crazy drivers or Crazy duck-chasing kids.  Hence.  You get my three favorite songs with Crazy in the title.  Number Three: Crazy on You by Heart. In case you don’t have time to listen, lead singer Ann Wilson is telling her lover to just lie back and let her go Crazy on him. Could be terminal at my age but the song still gets my blood pumping.

Number Two: Still Crazy After All These Years by Paul Simon.   This gently introspective song about thoughts about growing older brought on by running into an old girlfriend won Simon the Grammy for Best Vocal Performance in 1975.

Number One: Crazy by Patsy Cline.  Usually when a song touches me the way this one does, it’s personal, a connection to some memory, but I can’t come up with any for this old country standard.  It was written by Willie Nelson and released in 1961, when I was in High School.  I suppose everyone has had their heart broken in high school and this song touches a common chord in all of us.

Have a Crazy good weekend.


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