Monday Smiles – 1/26/2015

phonepixWhen the time eventually comes for you to leave this life and those you leave behind are rummaging through the stuff you’ve collected for years, what would you like them to keep as your legacy?   How’s that for a heavy Monday Smiles question?  Will it be your resume or some sort of professional award you’ve received?  How about the number of commas in your bank account (You know .. $1,000 … $1,000,000 … $1,000,000,000)?  How about a blogful of posts?  What would best capture the roughly 30,000 days you hopefully get to spend here?

Last night, at the end of a perfectly good, ordinary weekend, I set out to the California Fish Grill to pick up dinner for my wife, Muri and I.  They have a salmon salad that is simple and reasonably priced.  On the way down the hill, the clouds were beginning to gather in the West, reflecting the light of the sun in shades of silver and gold.   As I passed our park on La Palma Avenue, the hues were creeping toward pink and smoky blues.  I fished my smartphone out of my pocket and looked for a place to pull over for a snapshot but there was no unobstructed view.  Who wants a sunset with telephone poles?  The parking  lot at the Fish Grill was packed and by the time I found a place, I’d forgotten about the sunset … I rushed in to pick up our to-go order.  Headed back home with the scent of dinner on the back seat making my mouth water, I noticed the sunset fading in the rear view mirror.   There will be other sunsets, I thought.   A small voice asked, Are you sure?  As I crested the hill and turned onto the road home, the sun, now below the horizon, had reignited the clouds in fire and smoke.   I stopped and took three photos, including this one.


In one of my favorite films, Begin Again, singer Greta says to music producer Stave (as they wander the streets listening to music on shared headphones), You can learn a lot about someone by listening to their playlists.  Very true.  But you can also learn a lot about someone by seeing what they stop to notice.   So, when my day finally comes and you’re looking for a slide show to capture my life, download the photos I carry on my smartphone.  You won’t find more than a few selfies but you’ll find a collection of moments noticed  And I suspect that is what makes up the best of lives.

It’s Monday.  I’m happiest when I stop to notice, so I’m smiling.  Have a great week.

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2 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 1/26/2015”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Well Said. Well done. I’m smiling as I reach the end.

  2. territerri Says:

    It’s a beautiful shot. And your story inspires me. Too often, I notice something worth capturing in a photo, and don’t bother to stop, then lose my chance.

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