On a White Horse

white horse1During my big industry days, I unconsciously discovered something about my work style … I was very good at getting jobs done under pressure.  That made me popular with managers for saving projects in trouble and for writing proposals, which were always done under pressure.  It also allowed me to cruise even on jobs without time constraints, then make up for it at the end.  Gradually, that became my only work style … put it off then ride in On a While Horse and save the day.  In my forties and even my fifties, enduring the short term stress of the fast finish was worth the more leisurely approach the rest of the time.

Here it is, March, which always is a crazy month with taxes are coming up, both personal and for our company.  Our company also goes through a government inspection in March that requires a fair amount of preparation and is crucial to our business.   I am working two jobs that over the long haul average out to half time and so my natural inclination is to relax and let things go … The White Horse is waiting, right?  Except. I jump on its back and say, Hi-Ho Silvia, and she says, Really? then saunters off absentmindedly.  That’s when panic sets in.  I never used to panic but The White Horse used to gallop.  So, here I am, at my desk, working away, forcing myself to put in a half a day like I’m supposed to.  It’s not that the work isn’t interesting … it is.  But I’m seventy now and The White Horse is now an Old Gray Mare.  My Mom would have told you, She ain’t what she used to be, and neither am I.  I’m lucky to have work that I love, I know.  But it used to be more fun.  I’d rather blog.  Thanks for stopping by.

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One Comment on “On a White Horse”

  1. territerri Says:

    I work fairly well under pressure, but it’s not my preferred method. I tend to chip away at projects little by little each day and I like to have plenty of time to review before finally calling it finished.

    This post made me chuckle, and also wonder if you’re closing in on a decision to fully retire.

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