Monday Smiles – 4/27/2015

fire watchThe Santa Ana winds are sweeping down the canyon this Monday morning, promising that the weather will be hot and dry … and that the Fire Watch truck will be posted at the top of the road leading to our neighborhood.  Fires are always a threat here but especially during these drought years.  We’ve been evacuated twice since we’ve lived here.  It also means it won’t be a good day for sitting in the park, where I usually do my Morning Pages.  There was a time Monday meant back to work and it still does, and being self employed means that if our deadlines are not met, we don’t get paid. The work I have to do today takes on added pressure because we have a report due that is required for the payment of a significant invoice.   Diving back into work is easier after a great but this one was pretty vanilla, two movie dates, one a silly and disappointing sequel, Mall Cop Two, and the other a rather slow and creepy true story, True Story.   If you read my Sunday post, Getting By, you know that friends and family are struggling with illness, some disease and some just the slow and steady consequences of living to a ripe old age.  I talked to another old friend and can add his wife, who has been diagnosed with a melanoma to my list of ailing friends.  Just what I need.

Usually, when I sit down to write Monday Smiles, I have something specific in mind, today, I’m just winging it.  And if I chose, I could conclude there’s nothing worth smiling about.  But I’d be wrong.  Let’s take another look at paragraph one.

santa ana windIt is a beautiful but windy day, and even though I can’t write in the park, I can sit here in the kitchen of our beautiful house and write as I watch the orioles fight the wind to get a snack at our feeders.  Yes, fire is always a possibility here, but the Fire Watch and Orange County Fire Departments do an amazing job of protecting the neighborhoods here, even when the fire is close by.   I have a report due for my business but I can work anywhere and whenever I want, so I can write, both my Morning Pages and any blog post that might be rattling around in my head, first.  The work is very interesting … some of it I’d do for (very geeky) fun … and it pays really well.  Imagine that.  Being paid really well doing interesting work at home … at seventy.   I’ve got friends and family and we help each other through the hard times.  Some of them are struggling but in my later years, I’ve found a faith that allows me to pray for them without feeling like I’m using the Dial-a-Prayer for Atheists**.  Does it help?  I think yes and don’t have to know how.  And even when there are no splendid date nights to be had, I can still have fun with the Love of My Life at silly or creepy movies.  And we are at each other’s sides through good times and bad.

Gratitude is often about attitude.  It’s Monday … I’m smiling.

** You know, the Dial-a-Prayer for Atheists … you dial the number and no one answers!

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