Song for a Friday

musicI love music.  I know the lyrics to literally thousands of songs, many from before my time.  I know, it’s hard to imagine that there was music before my time but the truth is some of my favorite music was my Mom’s favorite music.  Because of my love of music and lyrics, songs attach themselves to events in my life and become part of perhaps the most diverse personal soundtrack in history.  This morning, as I’m sitting here in the park, working (at both my vocation and avocation), I have my playlist, Uplifting Tunes, on my mp3 player and Magic Box bluetooth speaker and it is doing its work as advertised.  One song stood out.

Many years ago, at a time in our lives full of mixed blessings, Muri and I took an Alaska Cruise.  My company was doing very well at the time and for a while, we could pretend to be rich, taking a suite with floor to ceiling windows instead of a stateroom with a porthole.  The combination of the accomodations, the beauty of Alaska and the trip’s timing made it one of our most memorable vacations.  Celebrity Cruise Lines was, back then, using the medley of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World by Hawaii’s Israel Kamakawiw’ole as its theme song.  It played regularly in the hallways and on the music channel in our room.  And as part of my soundtrack, it not only reminds me of a wonderful memory, it says that even in a time of mixed blessings, there is joy to be had.  Which makes it a perfect Song for A Friday, and, in particular, for this Friday.

Have a great weekend.



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