Monday Smiles – 5/4/2015

Scenes from a weekend:

tmp_24317-20150501_203229456155580Blair Field:  It’s is the home of the Long Beach State Dirtbags.  That’s right, the LBS baseball team is known as the Dirtbags and the are playing the Rainbow Warriors from the University of Hawaii on Friday night.  I’m out for an evening with the guys, even though I have no affiliation with either university and don’t really care much for baseball.   But I’d been invited before and I need a change, so there I am, laughing as I listened to the kids in attendance (with their alumni parents) cheer, Let’s go Dirtbags.   It was a good game on a gorgeous night relaxing with friends.

The Arty-Farsty Theaters:  Also known as Regal Westpark Theaters, they are the in venue for limited release and foreign films and often our destination when what’s in the regular theater looks like crap.  It’s hit or miss at the Artsy-Fartsies … sometimes we find a gem that will never make to the commerical theaters and other times tmp_24317-IMG_2102433595870it’s Artsy Crap that never should.  We’re watching Felix and Meira, a Canadian film about the wife of a Chassidic Jew who has an affair with an artist when she feels stifled by the orthodox community.  We’ve just discovered that it’s in French with subtitles.  What’s your bet?  It turns out to be awful, with slow talking, boring characters and an ending so bad that my wife, Muri, says, You’ve got to be kidding, right out loud.

The Laguna Playhouse:  We’re with our friends, Ron and Kerry, watching Murder for Two, a play advertised  as a mad-cap musicaltmp_24317-1406300141-MurderForTwo_Logo_230x300-1399707334 comedy featuring tow actors and a piano, and for at least the first twenty minutes, it’s madcap and musical but completely unfunny.  Even Ron, who loves physical comedy, isn’t laughing.  As I lean over to Muri and say, This is awful, two neaby couples get up and leave.  But after a while, the sheer goofiness of the story and the performers enthusiasm pulls in the audience, and Muri and I are laughing along, sometimes in spite of ourselves.

So, take one night out doing someting I don’t usually do, a movie so awful we laugh about it all the way home, and a play that saves itself with a good second half.  Stir in family and friends.  It’s a recipe for Monday Smiles.  And I am.

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One Comment on “Monday Smiles – 5/4/2015”

  1. SandySays1 Says:

    Dirtbags? Is the softball called the Bagladies? With you on the Art theater stuff. It’s usually so bad it would kill a litter of cats. So bad its good. Yep you tell the truth. Ever had the opposite happen to you?

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