Monday Smiles – 6/8/2015

tmp_2121-20150608_1350311420557034 This morning, my wife Muri and I delivered Meals on Wheels as we do on one Monday a month.  It is largely a service of younger oldsters delivering meals to older oldsters who can’t get out anymore.   A delivery consists of two meals, one fresh for lunch and another frozen but many people subscribe just to have somebody stop by once a day.  Muri and I usually have lunch together after our deliveries and when I told Muri I was going to the park afterwards to work, she said, Oh, it’s supposed to be hot today.  It is indeed a sultry day here in Southern California, a light breeze making the temperature just tolerable.  Even the usual assortment of squirrels, crows and geese are nowhere to be seen, altough a single gnatcatcher is sitting a nearby picnic table, gobling up passing insects.  I  could squeeze a Monday Smile out of the weekend … the retriever hunt test I attended with my friend Ralph Saturday morning, or the new Melissa McCarthy film, Spy, that we saw Saturday night with our friends Ron and Kerry on Saturday night.   As much as enjoyed watching the dogs go through their paces as retrievers, my duck friends here at the park would never speak to me again if they knew how many ducks bit the dust during the trials.   And the movie, although amusing, was not as funny as the trailer made it look.   I got to watch American Pharoah win the Triple Crown (but it wasn’t a very good race) and to watch a very good NBA Finals game (but the team I’m rooting for lost). Yup.  Cup half empty.   Yup.  The lower case blues.

So, today, I give you a song to make you smile and hope that in finding just the right one, I’ll smile, too.   This is what I came up with, a lovely live performance of Shower the People by James Taylor.    Take a minute and listen with me … Shower the people you love with love, show them the way you feel.  Things are gonna be much better if you only will … and see if you’re not smiling when the song is over.

Have a great week.  It’s Monday.  I’m smiling.

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