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tmp_24821-index(2)993262561There was a time when I was a regular blogger … and a regular reader … if I went week and a half without posting, another blogger would stop by and ask if everything is OK.  That was several years ago and most of those bloggers are not Still Here posting.  It’s my observation that many bloggers run out of enthusiasm in about three years.  Posts gradually taper off to once a week then once in while, after which the blog becomes an unloved archive.  Am I there?  Good question.  This post is an attempt to convince myself the answer is no.  Life has been in session lately and I have been treading water as fast as I can to stay out of the darkness.  I have always tried to portray both the good and bad sides of aging but nobody likes a whiney blog … or a whiney blogger.  I’ve probably been feeling a little depression rising above my regular dose of Prozac.  Many people think deprression means I’m sad.   It doesn’t … it means I don’t care and I haven’t cared to post.  Sometimes, the way out of the Don’t Cares is to just Do Something.

Of course, I am at an age at which what is going on in the lives of my contemporaries and near-contemporaries gives Still Here a much larger meaning.   In fact, several years ago, one of my regulars posted that she had been diagnosed with inoperable cancer.   That was her last post and her blog is no longer on the web.  Several friends and family members that I counted among life’s greatest blessings are not Still Here either.   My favorite philosopher-poet, Mark Nepo, often writes that nearly dying of cancer made him aware of the preciousness of every moment.  I try not to have to nearly die to realize that.  I don’t take being Still Here for granted … and if I’m going to be Still Here living, I guess I’ll try to Do Something by being Still Here blogging.  Hope you stop by again soon.

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5 Comments on “Still Here”

  1. SandySays1 Says:

    I do stop by regularly and you never disappoint. I think it’s great your still here. Stop by and see me-

  2. Dixie Sanger Says:

    Hang in there. Some of us are still listening — and admiring you for having the gumption to post as resularly as you do.

  3. Rich Keggans Says:

    Well done – keep on “keeping on”

  4. granny1947 Says:

    I am one of those who has lost their oomph.

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