Monday Smiles – 6/29/2015

doubleThis weekend was a two-movie weekend for Mr. and Mrs. Eyes.  Even though we are both movie fans, that is a rarity.  Our two-movie weekend was the result of two unrelated occurrences.  First, when the Social Director (that would be me) consulted the internet, there were no live events that I cares to see.  Has anyone else notice that they’ve never heard of the bands at music venues, or if you have, you don’t know why anyone would want to see them?  Yep, I’m and old curmudgeon. A movie is the default date for Date Night.  We saw a film with the peculiar title Infinitely Polar Bear at the Westpark Theaters in Irvine.  The Westpark shows films that don’t make it to the mainstream theaters, hence its nickname, The Artsy-Fartsy Theater.   It is a good name indeed because, when you see indie and small market films, they are sometimes excellent (artsy) and sometimes peculiar and/or awful (fartsy).   Polar Bear was, in spite of its odd title, and excellent portrayal of a father struggling to keep his family together while suffering from bipolar disorder.   Mark Ruffalo, who is becoming one of my favorite actors managed to bring both humor and pathos to the role of the father.   The film managed to be a drama about a serious subject and yet find humor in the situations.

We have been having a week or so of humid weather here in Socal and Sunday was the worst.   Having been born in the East and spent time in the South, I know what we called a humid day doesn’t even move the needle for Easterners and Southerners.   We’re humidity wimps, what can I say, so we decided to spend the afternoon in the local mainstream movie theater.  I was not in the mood to see anything eaten by dinosaurs, blown up by Mad Max and company or listen to Ted’s foul language, so we chose Inside Out, Pixar’s animated, metaphorical exploration of the mind of a little girl moving away from her friends when her Dad changes jobs.  Now, wait a minute, Older Eyes, you’re saying, Inside Out is a kid’s movie, right?.   Yes, it is, but much of the humor regarding the way the mind works is aimed at adults.   It is one of the most innovative animated films I’ve ever seen and the animation itself is gorgeous.  I loved it.

So, it’s Monday, and we saw two excellent films in one weekend.  What are the odds of that?   I’m smiling.

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