Monday Smiles – 7/6/2015

music notesI have a busy day ahead of me, at least I think I do.   I know I have a phone interview in about an hour with a potential client for my services as an expert in sonar and there is some work that needs to be done on my company’s sole project.  My office is a mess and often what is going on in my brain reflects the clutter in my office.  Today, I clean up the latter and make some progress on the former.  I have written my Morning Pages, prayed a bit and read from the four daily readers I use each morning (not quite daily, however).   I am doing what I like to refer to as getting back on the rails, Older Eyes code for getting back to a disciplined life.  Not one of my strong suits.   If I had a dollar for every time I’ve gone off the rails, I could give away my IRAs.  The point is, I don’t think I have the time this morning to be very creative with Monday Smiles, so instead, I’ll offer something that made me smile this weekend.

Some years ago, Muri and I went to see a Gladys Knight concert.   This wasn’t ancient history when she was going around with the Pips.  She was appearing solo, though, as I recall, she brought one Pip along.  There are a number of Gladys Knight songs I liked and You’re the Best Thing is a favorite, but I had no idea what an amazing performer she was.   Over the weekend while I was hunting for old favorites on YouTube, I found this video of Gladys and the Pips doing Neither One of Us on the old TV program, Soul Train.

The video got me wondering if there was a newer version from her solo years and I found this one, recorded at a BET gala in which she not only does Neither One of Us but If I Were Your Woman and Midnight Train to Georgia as well.

Some things get better with age and Gladys Knight is certainly one of them.  I send this remarkable performance remarkable performance your way, hoping it will make you smile on this first Monday in July.  I am.

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