Feeling (24 Years) Older

social dirLast night, as I often do leading into the weekend, I was fulfilling my role as the Social Director of the Eyes Household, looking for an activity for Saturday (aka Date) Night.   I wasn’t having much success for a variety of reasons.  We’ve seen nearly every film we want to see.  We’ve seen so much theater, that we’ve either seen most local offerings or they are too community theater for our tastes.  Yes,  there is some theater snob in both of us.  I’ve never heard of the bands at local music venues.   Friday had been a long day and I really wanted to find something nice so I was excited when I discovered a Tchaikovsky Spectacular … with Fireworks … at the Hollywood Bowl with tickets available.  I immediately bought two online and went to  bed happy.  This morning, not so much.  I recalled the long walk and the stair climb to the nosebleed seats I’d purchased at the Hollywood Bowl.  And I remembered the sore hip that has had me limping around for over a week, some days a little and some days a lot.   I think I did something dumb last night, I said to my wife, Muri, as I was telling her about the tickets.  I will probably see if there is a way to return them when I get home from my morning trip to the park (where the short walk to the restroom made it clear that the Hollywood Bowl is a NO WAY) but there’s a good chance I can’t.  Shit.

My very first post on Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog was written in February 2009, titled Feeling Old.   I was 64 and signing up for Medicare was making me realize I wasn’t middle-aged any more, not unless I planned on living to 128.  I talked then about the forty-year old Bud inside my head, still trying to drive my 64 year old body as it were 40.  I was feeling old because it was more and more obvious that I couldn’t keep up.   When I was sixty-four, my Hollywood Bowl tickets would have been the perfect Date Night.  So.  Here I am with a 64 year old in my brain trying to drive my 71 year old body … and it still can’t keep up.   Although only six years have passed, the guy in my head is now Feeling (24 Years) Older.  You’ve heard of the New Math … welcome to the Old(er) Math.   It’s a good chance Date Night tonight will be at the movies.   It ain’t Tchaikovsky but I’m still dating (the same woman) at 71.  That’s a good thing, fireworks or no.

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