Monday Smiles – 8/17/2015

image I woke early this morning, startled by a surrealistic dream in which I was on my way to a symphony performance that turned out to be in an eldercare facilty, the seniors tucked into their beds around the orchestra. Five am, my alarm clock read. My wife Muri, was in her usual sleeping position but I could tell from her breathing that she was awake, too. I don’t know how long we lay there, awake, each trying not to disturb the other but eventually we both fell back to sleep. When I awoke again at 9:30, Muri was already downstairs having breakfast. I made some coffee and read the news on my tablet before journalling a little bit. It is amazing how quickly the morning evaporates when it starts at 9:30. After a light lunch, I met a friend for coffee then came home to do some work. The work involves using a programming language known as MATLAB, something I enjoy enough that I’d consider doing it for free if it didn’t pay so well. I worked at the kitchen table until Muri served dinner, then we made a run to our local Trader Joe’s. Uneventful, a vanilla day. On the tail end of what was a fairly vanilla weekend. Yes, I am spoiled.

When we got home, I took my tablet out on the patio, planning to read. After a scorching hot week, the temperature waas settleing into the seventies and a gentle breeze was drifting through the palm trees in the corner of our yard. I gave up on the idea of reading and settled back to watch the twilight settle over Anaheim Hills. It looked something like this.


Sometimes, all I have to do is stop and look around to change vanilla to rum raisin. It’s Monday … I’m smiling.

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