Monday Smiles – 8/24/2015

I don’t have time to go back and look because I’m packing my bags but I am willing to bet that at least 80% of my Monday Smiles posts concern what my wife, Muri, and I did for the weekend, often what we did for Date Night.  Yes, I’m 71 … and Muri, is not far behind … and we still go out on a date at least once a week.   I’d guess that only 10% of my Monday Smiles concerned my grandkids, Reed, Maddux, and Savy.  Our grandkids are the lights of out lives, but they lived in Arizona and even though we have a house there, commitments kept us from being there often to create more Monday Smiles.   For three long months, my grandkids smiles have been from memories, photos or voices on the phone because they have moved to Utah, near Salt Lake.  We have waited patiently while the family moved, while they looked for a house and endured delays in the closing date.  But tomorrow we will board a flight to Salt Lake to spend a week with the family.


That, friends and readers, is worth smiling about on this Monday.  And I am.

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