Friday? Home.

leavesLast night we returned from a vacation to visit family.  As I said in Wednesday?  Cleveland, family vacations are not all joy at our age.  We get to see our siblings struggling with age, just as we are, and we are unfortunate to have two sister with dementia.  While it was good to see them, no one would describe it as fun.  We headed home with some sadness, some for what our family members are facing and some from knowing we will be far away.  The latter is particularly true of our time with my brother, Glenn, and his wife.  Time and circumstance has kept us from spending much time together as couples and our visits with them were the best of what family is about.  Yesterday, our flights home were delayed, I lost a bit of electronics on one flight, and things were not at all as we would have liked them when we pulled up to our house.   So, I enter this Friday afternoon with two tablespoons of sadness, a teaspoon of determination, and maybe a dash or two of hope.

I was about to take a nap after a mostly sleepless night and the first song on my naptime playlist was On Golden Pond, written and played by my favorite pianist Dave Grusin.  The theme and the movie, starring Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda, seem to capture exactly that mix of emotions.  So, pre-nap, I’m posting today’s song for Friday … On Golden Pond, accompanied by the lovely cinematography of the opening titles of the film.

Have a great weekend.

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