Monday Smiles – 10/26/2015

There are always smiles.  This life would be intolerable if that were not true.  My wife, Muri, and I have difficult decisions … and more significantly, difficult actions … ahead of us.  They are our choices, our decisions, but we are not alone.   We have friends who have offered to be by our side … and we have family who have endured similar difficulties, offering their love.   Life is not always easy but friends and family bring smiles to even the darker days.  Thank you for traveling this road with us.  It’s Monday … I’m smiling.

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One Comment on “Monday Smiles – 10/26/2015”

  1. Barry Altman Says:

    Keep smiling, old friend. As hard as it is to find — and some days it’s damned hard — there is always a reason to smile.

    Stay in touch and let us know if we can help.



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