California Autumn

ALFA ROMEOSpeeding along winding Connecticut road in an Alfa Romeo convertible, crisp autumn wind in our hair and our lives ahead of us.  A canopy of color overhead and fallen maple leaves, reds, yellows and browns, rising again in our wake.   When that is your best memory of autumn, California autumn can seem dull.   But if you look, there’s beauty beyond the fact that it isn’t followed by freezing temperatures and foot-deep snow.   Connecticut autumn shouts, LOOK!!, California autumns whisper, Look carefully, my friend.  I’m here.

This photo was taken with a star effect lens in our local park when the sun was low enough to brighten the colors of the usually muted Sycamore leaves and to glisten in the dew drops clinging to the leaves and branches.  New England, it ain’t.  But it’s beautiful in its own right.

Ca Autumn

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2 Comments on “California Autumn”

  1. Muri Says:

    “Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude toward us”!

  2. Barry Says:

    Great picture. I love it. Shame you’re going to miss the colors back here in VA. Right now they’re about at the peak and spectacular.

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