Silly Love Songs

sillyA few years ago, Paul McCartney had a hit with his post-Beatles band, Wings, titled Silly Love Songs.  I really disliked that song, in spite of the fact that it had a catchy tune that I would find drifting though my brain at odd times.  Catchy is not necessarily good.  In this particular case, catchy was awful, a lesson as to what can happen when a songwriting team that has produced hundreds of songs that altered the music industry go off on their own.  You get Silly Love Songs and Instant Karma.  The subject matter of Silly Love Songs, I can’t argue with because I LOVE love songs.   After all, I grew up on Put Your Head on My Shoulder and Dream Lover and navigated college to Reach Out I’ll Be There and Unchained Melody.  And from my Mom, I learned a fondness for the great American Songbook, whether it was performed by Old Blue Eyes, Linda Ronstadt or Diana Krall.  And being somewhat of an old school rocker, I’ve always loved bombastic love songs of the sort recorded by bands like REO Speedwagon, Journey and Chicago.

The other day, I was driving home from the 12-Step office where I volunteer with Sirius XM tuned to The Eighties on 8 and a love song came on.   It was one of those songs I loved in a former life but couldn’t remember the title or artist.   Good old Sirius XM … both are there at the push of a button.  It was Forever by Kenny Loggins.   I looked it up on You Tube when I got home and found this wonderful performance.

Back when music came on large vinyl discs or even smaller shiny silver ones, I could pass hours wandering through stores like Tower Records and Border’s Music, letting my fingers lead me to new musical experiences.  In this online age, I’ve found that following the suggestions YouTube offers beneath the particular song I looked up can do the same thing.  I discovered that the performance of Forever was part of a concert … David Foster and Friends.  Who the heck is David Foster?  It turns out that he is a musician (playing the piano in the video), songwriter, and producer that has worked with many of my favorite bombastic love song artists like Boz Scaggs, Chaka Khan and Chicago.   In fact, at one point Rolling Stone Magazine dubbed Foster the master of bombastic pop kitsch.   If you are like I am and see that as a complement not a put-down, you can find other numbers from the concert here.  Or you can buy and mp3 recording of the concerts on Amazon.  Here’s one more performance from the concert, Chaka Khan doing Through the Fire.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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