Throwback Thursday – Old Friends Edition

image I am on the last flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Los Angeles, on my way home from business meetings in Huntsville, AL.   There is nothing particularly remarkable about that except that between weather, flight delays and a somewhat tight connection schedule, I made this flight with only about ten minutes to spare.   I’ll likely make it home at about 1:00 am.  Perhaps a bit more remarkable is the fact that at about 1:00 pm tomorrow, I will  be back at the airport in LA, boarding another plane to Washington, DC.  Why, you might ask, am I flying all the way back to LA only to fly East again?  There are several parts to the answer.  First, the flight tomorrow is for pleasure and has been planned for months … the trip to Huntsville was scheduled at the customer’s convenience at a much later date.   Still, you might ask … why fly all the way back?   Part two: the trip tomorrow was planned for my wife, Muri, and I … and Muri really doesn’t like to fly.   And she REALLY doesn’t like to fly ALONE, so much so that when I texted her that I made my connection tonight, she texted back, Thank G-d!  Like I said, she REALLY doesn’t like to fly alone.  Yes, I am a good husband.  She is a good wife in many other ways, which makes up for me spending a substantial percentage of 24 hours flying between coasts.

OK, sorry.  Throwback Thursday.  We are going to see our dear friends, Rita and Barry, to help them celebrate the Bat Mitzvah of their grand daughter, Emma.   I could simply post one of the several posts I’ve written in the past about our visits with Rita and Barry but instead, I’ll post and old photo, when we were all much younger and our kids were really kids.  Grandkids were what our parents had.  Weren’t we cute?


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