Thanksgiving Changes


Turkey by Maddux

Just a year ago on Thanksgiving I posted, As usual in these older years of my life, we are in Arizona for Thanksgiving to spend it with my daughter’s family.  Today, we went to my grandkids’ school to help out a Savannah’s Thanksgiving Day Feast.  Being able to attend events at our grandchildren’s school is one of the blessings of having a second home near them in Arizona.  And here we are in Herriman, UT, with my daughter’s family in their new home and our Little House in the Desert is up for sale.  The kids are on year round school here and are off for three weeks, so there are no school activities to attend.  Since my son-in-law’s family lives in the area, we will be sharing the holidays … and the grandkids …. with them.  That’s actually more like the Thanksgivings of my childhood, when my Mom had both sides of the family over for dinner.

In case you haven’t noticed, everything changes.  Even holiday traditions.  If we want them to remain precious, we need to be sure  that we each find the essence of the holiday for ourselves and not be perturbed by the changes around the edges.  The essence of Thanksgiving is pretty obvious.  Being Thankful.  Gratitude.  An old friend of mine used to say that Gratitude isn’t a feeling, it’s an action.  What that means to me is that no matter how Thanksgiving changes around the edges … even when I don’t like the changes … I can look around and see the things … mostly people … that I am Thankful for.  I can notice those that aren’t here, too, and be thankful for the good times I’ve had with them.  If I do that, it will be a good day.


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2 Comments on “Thanksgiving Changes”

  1. Barry Says:

    Great slideshow. I’m anxious to go back and view it on a big monitor.

  2. Tee Says:

    Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, Bud! And thank you for the lovely comment you left me on Thanksgiving Day. It brought a much-appreciated smile to my face. I’m grateful we’ve been blog friends for so many years, even if we’ve not kept up well with each other in recent months. As you said, everything changes. My recent changes have forced me to live life a little differently, and give up some daily luxuries to which I’d become accustomed, including frequent writing and commenting. But I’m not giving up. I’m glad you’re still here and hope that I’ll find more time to keep up with your writing in the coming year.

    p.s. This comment should link you to my new location. 🙂

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