Monday Smiles – 11/30/2015

SnowSaturday, my wife, Muri, and I awoke to about an inch of snow on the ground around our daughter’s house in Herriman, UT.   The previous two weeks were a whirlwind for Older Eyes and even a good whirlwind can be exhausting at 71.  Our Arizona-born grandkidsReed snow were, of course, excited and the snow was indeed beautiful.  I just wished it had come earlier in the week instead of the day of our flight home.  But a quick check on the internet told us that flights were running on time, so my son-in-law and the boys shoveled the driveway, and off we went to catch our flight.

Now, it just so happened that my USC Trojans were playing those other guys in blue from across town at 12:30, a half hour before our plane was scheduled to land in L.A.   The USC-UCLA game is a big deal here in Socal, even when itusc_ucla means nothing in the standings.  This year, the game would determine the PAC-12 South champion.  Our flight was on time, and … as soon as the wheels touched the runway … I turned on my phone to get the score.  USC was up 3-0 on a field goal.   By the time we reached baggage claim, UCLA had scored a touchdown to go ahead 7-3.  As we picked up our car from the airport valet-park, UCLA was ahead 14-10 but USC had the ball on the UCLA ten yard line but the drive stalled and we settled for a field goal. I hate field goals. 14-13.  Right before the half, as we sped along the 105 Freeway, Adoree Jackson ran back a punt for a TD making it 20-14 at the half.   Traffic was light so there was hope of making it home in time for the second half but by the time we stopped to pick up sandwiches (there was after all, no edible food, on the flight), the second half had started and UCLA was ahead 21-20.  Shit.  But the rest of the game was all USC  and we won 40-21.   Things are right with the Universe again.   Then, a few hours later, I got to watch a fabulous game between Stanford and Notre Dame in which the Irish made a stirring comeback to go ahead with a minute left only to lose it on a field goal with no time left.

I often say that a perfect weekend is one in which USC wins and both UCLA and Notre Dame lose.  But how about a weekend when USC demolishes UCLA to win the Pac-12 South Championship … and Notre Dame loses in the closing second?  Well that, dear readers, is Nirvana.  It’s Monday … I’m still smiling.  Fight on!


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One Comment on “Monday Smiles – 11/30/2015”

  1. Tee Says:

    Oh, I’ll bet the grandkids are just thrilled with the snow!

    I don’t watch much football. It just seems like a good way to feel way too much anxiety! But clearly, you find it exciting (like most other NORMAL Americans) and I’m glad your teams won last weekend.

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