Monday Smiles – 1/4/2016

smilerIt is eleven fifteen in the evening and here I am, trying to post Monday Smiles before the clock strikes twelve.  OK, OK … our clocks are all digital and if they were going to do anything, they’d buzz or chirp or play my favorite song.  My alarm clock will also play an assortment of soothing nature sounds, like surf and crickets.  But really, doesn’t strikes twelve sound better than buzzing twelve or chirping twelve?  Yes, I’m stalling, postponing the moment where I say I don’t feel like smiling on this particular Monday.  Now, let me be very clear … that doesn’t mean I have nothing to smile about.  After all, I’m sitting here in the bedroom of our beautiful house with my wife Muri tucked under the covers a few feet away.   She’s watching the evening new before she turns out the lights … and I have on my Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones with the jazz group Fourplay turned up loud enough that I can’t hear the evening news.  I can’t stand most of the local (so-called) reporters and the inconsequential crap they report on.  Did I tell you my Inner Curmudgeon is out and in good form?   He is.  And he really doesn’t care whether I come up with a smile in the next thirty minutes.

But here’s the deal.  When God put me on the planet and when He decided to make my mostly remarkable life interesting with a son who doesn’t seem to be able to find his way to self-sufficiency … and a daughter whose life-dramas sometimes wear on Muri and I … He also gave me a gift.  That gift is my love of music.  One of the playlists on my Samsung Galaxy S5 is titled Bud’s Uplifting Tunes and the honest truth is, no matter how down I am … or how worried I am about a difficult conversation with my son tomorrow … just about any song on that playlist can make me smile.  So as Monday comes to a close, I offer you one of my favorites, Dance with Me by Orleans.

So, as Monday winds down (it’s 11:55), I’m smiling.  How about you?

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