I awoke early today to the sound of raindrops on our roof and stumbled to the bathroom where they beat a staccato beat on the plexiglass skylight above our vanity.   Fortunately, I was able to fall back to sleep … the Fitbit HR my daughter and her husband gave me for Christmas has been giving me hell for not sleeping enough but today, it was satisfied.   Somewhere in its software, it says that six and a half hours sleep is enough for an old guy.   The rain was still falling and outside it was gray … the same way I felt inside.  There were discussions to be had and I was expecting the worst.    My first sponsor, Don, used to tell me, Bud, don’t always expect the worst.  Things are just as likely to go well as badly.   Today he was right.  Things went as well as could be expected.  Where I expected confrontation there was calm.  Sadness instead of anger.  So, now, I’m sitting in the park, collecting myself and watching the storm lift, at least until the next one rolls in tomorrow.  El Nino, you know.  It’s beautiful in its own gray way.

tmp_28793-Park rain539355616

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