Like Wine

hall and oatesFor all the music I’ve posted here over the six years Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog s been in existence, it surprises me that I’ve never posted a song by Daryl Hall and John Oates, named by Billboard as the most successful duo of the rock era..   The group was formed by Daryl Hohl and John Oates in 1969, although they wouldn’t achieve commercial success until 1976 with Sara Smile.   The duo never wanted to be known as Hall and Oates, even though that is the name that stuck.  When I went online looking for a song to post, I came across She’s Gone, a song that was Number one in 1974.  I didn’t remember that the version by Hall and Oates (sorry, its just a pain to put in the John and the Daryl) on their second album, Abandoned Luncheonette, wasn’t a hit.  The hit was a version by Tavares which you can hear here.   I like Hall and Oates’ version better … it was re-released in 1976 … and I like the version recorded in 2008 by a more mature John and Daryl better than the original.  Like Wine, they’ve gotten better with age.



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2 Comments on “Like Wine”

  1. bluestempond Says:

    In the 70’s, I liked the band but I thought they were called the “Hollow Notes”.

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