Head. Feet. Together.

With visitors coming this week, this SatHome depoturday was a chore day.   I had a long list of things to do around the house and of errands I needed to run in order to be able to do those things around the house.  Chances are about 98% that on a chore day, a trip to our local Home Depot will be required.  Today, I needed flowers … assorted viola and some sweet alyssum … toviolet brighten up my flower pots in the yard.  I also picked up some kitchen cabinet polish.  The plan was to finish at Home Depot, take some boxes to our storage bin, then stop at Target to pick up some cat food before heading home to start on my chores.  Everything was on schedule until I loaded the plants into the trunk in the Home Depot lot and closed the lid.  Have you ever had one of those moments where your hand is in the process of closing the door and a voice in your head shouts KEYS!!! … but it’s too late to stop?  You hopefully look in your pocket but you know where they are.  In the trunk with the plants.  And the car doors are locked.  Shit.

keysWhat happened, of course, is that while my Feet were there by my car in the Home Depot lot, my Head was already on Santa Ana Canyon Road, wondering if there’d be room in the storage bin for the boxes in my back seat.  In the circles I travel, there is a lot of talk about Keeping your Head where your Feet are.   I’m not doing so well with that particular dictum right now.  I scramble downstairs to do something on my laptop computer only to realize the jump drive I need is in my office upstairs.  Back in my office, I wonder what I’m looking for because my head is back downstairs thinking about my computer problem.   I sit down at my desk to take care of an important task for work, only to find forty-five minutes have passed and all I’ve done is read Yahoo Sports.  Where, by the way did I leave my phone?  Downstairs, of course.

I’ve frequently written about mindfulness here on Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog, the practice of staying fully absorbed in whatever I am doing.  Once I settle into an activity, whether it be meditation, taking pictures in the park or writing a blog post, my Head and my Feet behave themselves.  I can be incredibly focused.  It is in the spaces between activities that my head tends to run off, dragging my feet along toward whatever shiny object catches its attention.  It is in those spaces that I need to STOP to completely finish what I’m doing … and more importantly … consciously choose what I’m going to do next.  I have friends who say that before they take any action, they stop to ask if it’s God’s will.  That seems a bit self-important to me … after all, does God really care if I lock my keys in the trunk?  Still, it captures the essence of what I want to do.  So, that is my spiritual project for the week.  If my Head and my Feet can work Together.  And if my most conscious choice turns out to be God’s will, so much the better.

Have a mindful Sunday.

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2 Comments on “Head. Feet. Together.”

  1. cherperz Says:

    Bud, that is too funny! My Head, hands, and feet are often out of sync. I have always feared that I would leave my keys in the back of my SUV. I have a nasty habit of setting my keys on the back deck (or whatever the floor in the back of a SUV is called) while loading groceries. It has only been through the grace of God….just kidding!!!..I agree that God has more important things than babysitting me and my keys.

  2. Barry Says:

    We’ve all been there. And as the years zip by, we find ourselves “there” more often. Hang in there old friend.

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