Friday (Musical) Thoughts

tmp_9397-th(8)1575963045It has been a busy week since I wrote Monday (Musical) Smiles on (of course) Monday.  It would be nice to bookend the week with some Friday Smiles but that’s not going to happen, not because there is nothing to smile about but because I don’t feel like smiling.   I am in a mood.  I have worked hard this week on the three jobs that have found their way into my life as I rapidly approach 72.   Each is interesting and challenging and lucrative … but sometimes an (old) man needs a break.  This week, there was no break thanks to my appointment with my tax accountant on Thursday.  This has been a very good year financially, which makes preparing my taxes feel a bit like being led to slaughter.   No matter how many times my friends tell me it’s a Quality Problem, it still fills me with anxiety.   My wife, Muri, tells me I’ve been talking a lot in my sleep, sometimes quite vulgar, which means neither of us wakes up rested.   Bright-eyes and bushy tailed has come in a coffee cup.   Freinds, even those that were nearby, seemed less interesed in me this week and I was certainly less interested in them.

Last night, at my Thursday night Men’s Meeting, I didn’t have the energy to visit with anyone … and the sharing seemed like spiritual word-salad.  I was isolating in a room full of people.  Wonderful.  But I’m ready to rejoin the living.   I had lunch with my wife, Muri, at the Corner Bakery but I probably wasn’t very good company but time with her is always a good satrt. Now, I am sitting in the park, writing this post as a rain storm rolls closer.  Muri’s sitting in the car reading while I sit outside in the chill air.  I hope it’s because she’s a car-sitter and I’m not, not because I’m bad company.  Writing always helps. A two mile walk in the park with my mp3 player in “shuffle all” mode helped too   There is always a song that fits my mood.  Today it was from Jackson Browne.  You’re probably thinking, You must be in really bad shape if you’re being lifted up by Jackson Browne, master of the melancholy ballad.  But this one tells exactly where I am … ready to be Alive in the World again.

Won’t you join me?



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