partiesIf you were consult the California voting rolls, you would find that I am a registered Republican.  Please don’t tell anyone.    As a conservative on defense and fiscal issues but a moderate on social issues, the party to which I am registered usually reflects my priorities at the time of registering.  I am used to being unhappy with certain avowed policies of my party of the moment, but I have never been embarrassed to be registered to a party until now.  I don’t blame the Republican party for nominating Donald Trump.  The party leadership did everything it could to convince a certain segment of our citizenry that he was unfit to betrump president.   Inexplicably, those citizens ignored the party leaders and nominated The Reality Show Candidate anyway. What I’m embarrassed about is that once the deed was done, so many of those who said he was unfit turned around and supported him.  GOP leaders John Ryan and Mitch McConnell were particularly outspoken in their criticism of Trump and therefore looked especially hypocritical when they decided to back him.   During the last election, I was a lukewarm supporter of Mitt Romney.   He’s looking pretty good to my eyes now.   Integrity counts.  So-called conservative talk show hosts like Limbaugh and Hannity, too, have shown their true colors and supported The Reality Show Candidate.   So, please, in spite of my current party affiliation, call me independent.

hillaryThen there’s Hillary.  As it began to look like Trump would win the Republican nomination, I told my liberal friend, Ralph, that I’d probably have to support Hillary if Trump won.   He thought that was funny as hell.  He asked, What will you do if Sanders wins?   If I ever voted for a socialist, my Dad would come out of the grave to get me, I told him, but it’s a measure of how much Trump scares me that I’d have considered voting for ol’ Bernie, too.  Considered.   But Bernie and his merry the-government-should-provide-everything band of whiners make it harder for me to swallow the Democratic platform, pushed to the left as it was to assure Bernie’s support.  I take some solace in my belief that Hillary is a pragmatist and a Moderate, if only because she, like her husband before her, is finely tuned to what her constituency wants.  My conservative … and perhaps Trump-supporting … friends would probably ask, But do you trust Hillary?   Her political instincts often lead her to poor choices, like lying about Bengazi, and some of her decisions may be suspect.   But, Jeez, on what basis do I predict Trump’s decision-making in a world he’s never touched.   Given his tendency to over-react to criticism (even while doling it out in spades) and his insistence that only he can save our country, I’d put it this way.   I’m not sure I trust Hillary Clinton but Trump scares me to death.

If that doesn’t sound like enthusiasm, it’s because it’s not.   But I haven’t enthusiastically supported a candidate in years.   And as a citizen of the State of California, I have the option of sitting this one out without affecting the outcome in the slightest.  After all, California will most certainly golaugh Democratic.  Let’s see where we are in 100 days.  Of course, at my age, I can see a somewhat humorous irony in almost anything.  Last election, desperate for news favorable to Mitt, I listened almost exclusively to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.  Here I sit, four years later, avoiding the same sources like the plague.  Freaking hysterical.

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  1. I have never considered Fox News as anything but a farcical entity! If they have no story to report honestly, they do tend to fabricate ones. Bill O’Reilly stated on the old Jay Leno show one night that he regularly makes things up to talk about on his program. Nice, isn’t it, hearing that so many people believe Fox as being the gospel truth and then, hearing one of their top men say he fabricates news! I do tend to read Fox items though when I need a good chuckle or two.

    But this election is something to behold for sure. I have been adamant for the past year now, since the primary campaigns began, against Trump for the nominee. Several of my neighbors and I have had numerous discussions about his presence and the things he says and does and we all wonder greatly about the intelligence levels of those who support him. It has absolutely amazed me to communicate with some folks, who I had regarded previously as being intelligent and thoughtful, but who now are whole-heartedly supporting Trump. One reason they give is “Well, he tells it like it is” and he wants to make America Great Again! That plus he doesn’t lie and that one really gets my dander in a hellacious uproar! He is like an old joke that circulated around a lot back in the 80s about how to tell when someone is lying and the punchline was to check out a truck driver as soon as he opened his mouth he was lying and Trump, to my “insight” here, is exactly that way. Honesty has no holds on him, for sure! When he accuses the Clinton campaign of lying and lying some more, my thought there is “Well, it takes one to know one too!” All politicians do tend to exaggerate and yes, lie as well -that’s pretty much a given so I take a lot of comments with a grain of salt. Besides, there is only so much power in the office of the Presidency too, so a lot of Trump’s bragging people have to realize that there is no way he can do the things he says he will do.

    In my view, Trump is a fear monger of the first class. Add that to his arrogance, and ignorance, his racist prone speeches, and the narcisstic personality with no plan for anything, at least none that I have seen or heard of yet, and we have the makings there of our own home-grown version in this century for another Hitler! So many of his pronouncements just reek of a repeat of words attributed over 80 years ago in Europe when Hitler began his rise to power and we all know how that ended up being, don’t we?

    For me, the real clincher though of his being unstable was in the speech he made at the RNC’s closing nite speeches when he stated how he will do all of the things he has previously stated will be done and he will do it “All by myself!” Wow! I didn’t realize until then that he is now classifying himself as being in the same league as God! Omnipotent! Yeah, right! NOT!

    You brought me back to life a bit today with this post, Bud. Before I close, let me tell you of a conversation my older daughter had with my younger grandson, age 10 and autistic. They were at a restaurant waiting for their food and he began to question his aunt starting with asking her if she votes. She replied that yes she does. Then he asked if she is voting in the election this year and again, her answer was “Yes.” Follow that with his asking who she is voting for and her reply there was that she feels she will have to vote for Hillary. Here’s the best answer ever, in my opinion, that he told her after she said she would be voting for HIllary. “That’s good, Aunt Carrie, because Trump is a racist!” My thoughts there are if a child of 10 who has autism too, can discern that about the man, then there has to be something terribly wrong with those who support Trump the way they do. Can’t see the forest for the trees there is how I am regarding those people today!

  2. cherperz Says:

    I am exactly in the same place you are. EXACTLY!

    In the past, I too would of considered myself a Republican with conservative fiscal sensibilities and moderate social leanings.

    BUT…I hesitate to even tell anyone that I am aligned to a party. How is it that we have managed to have either of these people as our choices??? I agree that Mitt Romney looks better and better in hind-sight. I always thought he was an honest person so that puts him much higher on my list than either of the current candidates.

    I could write a entire book on the reasons I think Trump is a disaster waiting to happen but seemingly no one would read it. Even with all the emotional outbursts on his part, his insensitivity, his grandstanding, egotistical rants and his continued childish name calling, he will still be in the running.

    I, live in a state that most likely will go Republican but never say never. I think a lot of people will have concerns about Trump when it comes to actually voting for him.

    But then what do I know?? I would of never imagined Trump would of gotten the nomination.

  3. Barry Says:

    I love it, Mr. Independent.

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