Forty-Eight Years

As of today, Mr. and Mrs. Eyes (aka Muri and Bud) have been married for forty-eight years.   In case you were wondering, this is what a forty-eight year marriage looks like.   Yes, there were a few tough times but who takes pictures of those?   Besides, they were few and far between.


heartsHappy Anniversary, Murihearts

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4 Comments on “Forty-Eight Years”

  1. cherperz Says:

    Congratulations, Bud and Muri!!!!! Wish you the best on your special day !!!

  2. Barry Says:

    I found us. 😀 Great collage.

  3. I know the anniversary for you and Muri was a month ago and I’m just now getting around to reading your piece about your 48 years together. Hopefully, I saw it on Facebook about your anniversary and wished you a very happy one then. Three of my closest friends from those long ago school days have now celebrated over 50 years of marriage -actually a few others too from those long ago carefree high school days have made it to the golden anniversary and it does make me very happy to see that they have achieved these milestones and none of them has done bodily harm to the other in the process. Amazing is how I regard longevity in a marriage! But then that’s because my ex and I barely survived eight years of marital anguish much of the time. So much for wedded bliss on our part as I tend to think that aspect left him and me about maybe two weeks after our wedding! (Not a very good track record there, is it?)

    • oldereyes Says:

      I have a friend wo is in his eighties who has been married 7 (!!!) times. His current marriage has lasted 23 years. Somewhere in there he found AA, which probably had a lot to do with things.

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