scaleMy Mom had weight  issues for as long as I can remember.   She would diet, lose weight, then gain it back plus a little.  I didn’t understand how discouraging that was until the metabolism I’d inherited from her caught up with me.  The first time was in the late sixties, the dreaded newly-wed expansion brought on by my wife’s cooking combined with my own denial that I no longer had an adolescent metabolism.  I believe it was during this time that my Mom cautioned, Don’t ever gain more weight than you can lose in a year.  It will be so discouraging you’ll never even try.  I fought the good battle into my late fifties through diet and (a sometimes ludicrous amount of) exercise.

Fast forward to late 2016.   Guys in my Thursday Night Men’s Group, always looking for something to kid fellow members about, started to zero in on my weight.  Sometimes it was a pat on the belly accompanied by, What have we got in here? other times, a perhaps-sincere expression of concern for my health.  It wasn’t as if I didn’t know.   I’d been sucking in my gut to put on my favorite jeans for months and several pairs were in what I hoped was temporary retirement.   At that point, I ventured onto the scale to discover that I’d reached my all time peak weight, a number that was in the range my dear Mom warned about.   After the first of the year, I’m going to lose some weight, I told myself.   My Inner Curmudgeon whispered, Haven’t we heard that before, to no one in particular.

For Christmas, my son-in-law and daughter gave me a FitBit which provided a good incentive.  Within a month, I was walking 25-30 miles a week, convincedfitbit my weight would begin to drop.  It didn’t.  A carb-eater can easily out eat any exercise regimen, especially when three miles of walking amounts to roughly one baked potato in terms of calories.  So, I began dieting.  The South Beach Diet has always been good for me, especially the almost-no-carbs phase 1 and … seedhello … my weight began to drop.  And here I am, a few months later, 20 pounds lighter.  It doesn’t seem like much on paper but the other day I was in Costco and bought a 20 pound sack of bird seed.  As I hefted it into the shopping cart, I thought about how it would feel to tuck it into my jeans.  Yikes!  It is a big deal.  No wonder I now have to tighten my belt so my jeans don’t fall down.

I seem to be stuck on a plateau at the moment, looking for that balance in the South Beach maintenance phase that will give me steady weight loss.  I am still walking over 30 miles a week.   I may go back on the Phase 1 for two weeks if I think my insides can take it.  I may never get down to my ideal weight but I’d like to lose another sack of birdseed.  But here’s my question for the day.   Where are all those jokers who laughed about my gut or who were SO concerned about my health that they just had to say something?   How about some support, guys, when I’m Thinner?   Yeah, I know.  You don’t go to the hardware store for bread.

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7 Comments on “Thinner”

  1. bluestempond Says:

    Have you ever read the Stephen King book, “Thinner”? It will give you a whole new perspective, creepily.

  2. SandySays1 Says:

    Replacing a hip and a knee gives one a fresh perspective on weight loss.

  3. Oh no! Bad, touchy topic here! I had dropped down a little -only about 6 pounds -earlier this year, but I don’t know what was driving me towards too many carbs, especially sweet things, (too much ice cream as well as a distinct love of donuts, preferably filled ones) and presto magic, of course, I’ve regained those 6 pounds and about 2-3 extra ones after I started trying to quit smoking! The no smoking idea flew out the window after 2 weeks of abstinence and though I am smoking less than before, zero consumption would be much better -on the nicotine as welll as the delectable goodies I crave now too! So -back to the drawing board on ways to regain my attitude of not giving the state at least a buck more per pack for nicotine which was what initially inspired me! Wish me luck finding a means to the end of both these addictions -food and nicotine! And congrats to you for the walking regime and your success in dropping that first big 20!

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