(I do not usually post about politics here, which is why I haven’t posted for so long.  It’s been hard to take my eyes and mind off this train-wreck of an election.  Hopefully, this post will be cathartic and I can get back to being the realistic optimist that I used to be.)

enough2In the 2002 film, Enough, Jennifer Lopez plays Slim, a working class waitress married to wealthy contractor, Mitch, played menacingly by Bill Campbell .   Though the marriage starts out well, by the time their daughter, Gracie, is five years old, Mitch has become physically and emotionally abusive.  Slim and Gracie go on the run, changing their names and starting a new life in Seattle.  But Mitch is not only wealthy, he is well-connected with underworld types and unscrupulous lawyers.  He continues to stalk his wife and daughter, until, when Slim realizes he will never stop until he get sole custody of Gracie, she learns Krav Maga, a self-defense system developed by Israeli Defense Forces.   She develops an elaborate plan to confront Mitch in his own house and kill him in self-defense.  In the finale, she … if you’ll pardon the expression … kicks the living shit out of him but is unable to bring herself to kill him.  This gives him the opportunity to strike her and as she is lying on the floor, he tries to kick her, an eventuality her martial art trainer predicted.  Using a technique he taught her, Slim counters and Mitch falls from the second floor to his death.  Critics mostly hated the movie, saying it was unrealistic and trivialized the real problem of abuse but I have to admit, I have a weakness for movies in which a woman gets real revenge on an abusive husband, so I always enjoy the closing scene.

That probably tells you how I will vote in the election tomorrow.   I have had Enough of The Reality Show Candidate and his entourage of misfits.  I’ve had Enough of his thinly-veiled appeals to our prejudices and his over-sized, baseless ego.  I’ve had Enough of a campaign that has dragged the internet culture of innuendo and mindless name-calling into our election process.   I have had Enough of s0-called journalists on both the left and the right joining in a Social Media campaign without driving the discussion back to actual policy issues. I have had Enough of seeing Conservatism … a political view to which I have considerable attachment … throw itself at the feet of aenough self-promoting narcissist who clearly does not have the intellect or temperament to lead the nation.  I have had Enough of political leaders I once respected doing the same.  As much as I’d like to see the Vice President take The Reality Show Candidate out behind the barn, I’d rather see Slim kick the living shit out of him.

What’s worse, is that there’s no joy in my decision to vote Democratic for the first time in years.   I have tried believe that the prejudice and polarization I see in social media and on the internet represented a small fraction of our citizenry.  This election has made me wonder.  I have seen people I know and respect support positions and people that I see as extreme.  Hillary has her shortcomings, but her candidacy has revealed to me a deeper problem of prejudice toward powerful women, not just among men but among women. This shirt worn by a man at a rally with his wife and three daughters will remain the lasting image of this election for me (courtesy elle.com):


Racial, social and religious prejudices have been revealed as worse that I tried to make myself believe.  No matter who wins tomorrow, this election has made compromise, a principle on which this country … and democracy … are built even less likely in the next four years.   It makes me wonder.  Have we, as a nation, had Enough of being The Land of the Free?  Scary thought.

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2 Comments on “Enough”

  1. Barry Says:

    I’m sure many of your readers are thinking what I am; thanks for writing this for all of us. Scary times indeed.

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