Hello President Trump …

… Goodbye Social Media.

tmp_2659-th21438624336I did not sleep well on election night.  A man I would not allow in my home is now the president-elect of the United States. My feelings about Donald Trump were clearly stated in my election eve post, Enough.  But now the election is over and he has won, fair and square, in spite of his carping about rigged elections.  If you look at the voting demographics it looks like certain parts of the Democratic base didn’t turn out for Hillary and it is likely that the third party candidates hurt her as well.   Let me say this … if you didn’t vote or voted for a no-show in protest, you don’t get to complain.

This is the point at which, in most years, I would try to accept the will of the people and hope for the best from the winner.  But I find Trump so reprehensible that hope is difficult to come by.  Last night, before I went to bed, I said a prayer for our country, which is the best I can do for now. Perhaps the man will turn out to have a conscience after all, or as several people have told me, his theatrics reflect the salesman he is … once the presidency weighs upon him, he will be a better leader. Perhaps the Republican leadership or VP Pence will help him find a steadier course, in spite of their failure to do so during the campaign.  I can look back to voting for Romney four years ago and hope for rightward movement in some of the areas in which I am conservative.  And I will keep on praying.

Regardless of who won, this election season was a disgrace. Candidates and their surrogates battled it out on Twitter, with the so-called legitimate media hanging on every Tweet instead of driving the discourse back to issues.  Media outlets like Fox News and the Huffington Post were unabashedly biased shills.  Meanwhile, supporters of both sides flooded Facebook with lies, innuendo and insults.  Do I blame social media for the outcome?   No, but The Donald’s superior experience as a reality show host and pitchman played perfectly in the first election so heavily driven by Social media.

However, social media … and the legitimate media’s willingness to fill their commentary with the most inflammatory Tweets … has exposed an underbelly of our citizenry that disgusts me.  And worse, the discourse on Facebook has shown me acquaintances, friends, and, yes, even loved ones supporting a man .. and policies … I find despicable.   Everyone is, of course, entitled to their opinion in this great country of ours but I’d rather not watch it happen.   I have prided myself as a curmudgeon who plays in the sandbox of social media like, if not a youngster, at least like a middle-ager.  But this election has soured me on the whole deal.  I’ve already dumped my Twitter account and I am cutting the number of news apps on my electronics to organizations that report more than the latest Tweets and provide at least a semblance of objectivity.  Yes, that means very few news apps on my tablet and phone. And, in the next few days, I will be taking down my personal Facebook page and the companion page to my blog, Oldereyes.  I will miss the grandkids pix (thank God for Instagram) and the news from friends but not the flood of political crap, so-called news that could be debunked by a five year old with Google and the religious advertisements, complete with an opportunity to repost with an Amen.  I like you better without your politics, religion, and conspiracy theories, my friends.

For the time being, my blog, Oldereyes, will stay up.  Once the malaise of this election has passed, I hope I can make it back into what it was meant to be, a mildly optimistic look at old age.  I’d invite you to stop by, here, where you can subscribe via email.  But except for that, this is Goodbye, Social Media.

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5 Comments on “Hello President Trump …”

  1. Margie Says:

    My Facebook was flooded with American political comment too, and we’re Canadian! I’ve just ignored it all until everyone gets back to normal ‘broadcasting’.
    I have a Republican friend who said he wouldn’t decide about Trump until he had attended some rallies, evaluated the man and the platform himself, and compared it to what the detractors and the media were reporting.

  2. Steve Says:

    Sorry but I heard nothing about the media, late night shows, daytime talk TV and our bias educational system that has refused to listen to what the other side is saying and makes fun of half the country. The corruption in the courts, lies from the current administration that continued with Mrs. Clinton and being called every name possible in order to curtail freedom of speech. Twisting the words of anyone with a different opinion to make your point has caused many of the next generation to not analyze a persons meaning. I personally don’t want to live in a socialist country as this last year has been enough for me and many others who see our way of life being destroyed. That said unless we are able to understand that both sides have their place and should be listen to stop the political correctness. We need everyone to do everything they can to work as hard as they can to help get us out of this mess. I believe this was divine intervention why else would a billionaire put himself and his family at this sort of risk. please give Mr. Trump a chance, I have always found I have learned a lot and been inspired greatly by leaders like him.

    • oldereyes Says:

      I agree with you completely until your divine intervention sentence. I even think I said I was trying to give Trump a chance. But the leaders I am inspired by exhibit dignity, morality and honesty and I don’t see those attributes in Mr. Trump. I hope you are right … God has sometimes chosen unexpected people for his work, I admit.

      • Steve Says:

        You make very great points. I would only say that the mentors who have meant the most to my growth were in the beginning impossible to work for and made me prepare every day for the unexpected, work harder and longer than I ever thought I could. I was blessed to have a coach that pushed me out of my comfort zone and so will he. Trump is one of those that young and old don’t need to like him but, if he is what I believe he is, can allow us to grow in ways most people will never experience. I look at his sons and daughter to see some of his handy work not bad I would say. He has matured as a candidate or maybe that was his plan all along. “For the ones that say it can’t be done move over and watch us.” Trump can’t do it alone we all need to participate.

  3. mcfoto1 Says:

    This election was tough for a lot of us. As it unfolded it was downright scary for me to consider our choices. Never in my life would I have thought it possible that a Socialist could be elected here. I am a Conservative so my choices then became “her” or Trump. I could never vote for a leader who dodged the truth on way toomany occasions to count anymore (which actually is just a nice way to say she lied to us). That left me with Trump who was not my first choice but he became my only choice. Honestly, we are now months passed election day and could anyone but someone like him survive what one is put through to be president? Thank God there are still individuals like him that will run because he certainly does not need the money. I truly think he ran because he loves the United States and wanted to grab the wheel to change our course. For that, I’m giving him a chance and really praying that he makes a BIG difference for all of us. Washington needed to be dumped on its head and people put in place that actually do what they say they’re going to do. Hopefully the days of turmoil won’t last too long. I certainly want to be one who contributes though and not one who continues to divide. We are all capable of that. The question is , will we contribute?

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