Can You Believe … 49?

marriedWe have a group of four couples that we go out for dinner with for Christmas.  They are all friends we made when we moved into our first house in 1972.  We see each other sporadically during the year but Christmas is the only time we go out as a group.   One of the remarkable things about this group is that we have almost 200 years of marriage between us.   My wife, Muri, and I are doing our part with our 49th anniversary today.  Given our fairly long courtship at the University of Connecticut, we have known each other for 53 years.  Looking back at the immature, arrogant young man I was at 21, I have to believe I had some guidance in choosing her to be my wife.  Perhaps there’s some truth to the Jewish notion of a Basheert,  the name of the woman a man will marry announced by a voice from heaven 40 days he is born – literally a match made in heaven.

But enough.  No philosophical ruminations today, just a few songs about relationships that last.   There’s a good old-fashioned power-ballad with a lovely video …

A little country for my country music loving wife …

Some upbeat love to bring a smile …

And an old standard (at least for older folks like us) that says it all …

Then there’s the reason we’ve lasted all these years together …

Happy Anniversary, Muri


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3 Comments on “Can You Believe … 49?”

  1. Cheers and congrats!
    Great collection (and memories, too) Thanks

  2. barrythewiz Says:

    Yours is certainly made in heaven. Happy anniversary to a fabulous couple.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Bud and Muri, such a milestone!!

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