According to the dictionary, getting a fix means To obtain something necessary, especially a dose of an addictive drug or anything else compulsively sought after.   Of course, the phrase is an idiom in the sense that it’s definition can’t be determined from the meaning of the words.  So, I tend to drop the addicted and compulsively and let it just mean doing something I really enjoy.  Back in my running days, after a long day at work, I’d put on my Nikes and go out for a running fix. Yeah, my friends told me I was compulsive about exercise.  OK, as ice cream lovers, my wife and I sometimes head to our favorite shop in Dana point for an ice cream fix.  But believe it or not some geniuses at the New York Times (all the news that’s fit for the bottom of a birdcage) published an article comparing ice cream consumption to drug use.  OK, music.  When I’m down, nothing lifts me like listening to some music I love.  But sure as shit, there are articles about the problems of music addiction.  It seems to be in the nature of our modern world that some idiot is out to find fault with liking anything too much. 

This weekend, I am in Utah with my daughter and her family getting a grandkid fix.  Life has been complicated lately and the trip was long overdue.  In other words, I really needed a grandkid fix.   And it has been a great weekend.   I got to sit and chat at length with my granddaughter, Savannah, see my grandson Maddux play soccer and be there when Reed scored his first two goals in water polo.

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Now who could cast aspersions on joys like that?   Adair Lara in an article entitled Are Addicted to Your Grandchildren?  on, of all places,   Please, I thought as I saw my love of my grandchildren compared to the actions of an addict. Then, I got to the last line … you have a problem. But, happily, there is no cure.  It was all tongue-in-cheek.

It really doesn’t matter, of course.  There’s no way I’m giving up my grandkids.   And I’ll still be listening to a lot of music and enjoying some ice cream, too.  Running?  Those days are over. Have a great week.

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3 Comments on “Fixes”

  1. It only a problem in the eyes of those who say so…and they may have a real problem….
    HA HA
    Enjoy the chaos and fun! (Utah? – ahhhh)

  2. barrythewiz Says:

    I have never been so glad to be addicted to anything! Grandkids are even better than ice cream! Glad you guys are having fun.

  3. rita altman Says:

    There is nothing like a grandchild fix!!

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