Whackers and Blowers

`As I write this post, it occurs to me that this particular title could be taken in a very different context than I intended.   So let me say first that if it is sexual titillation (one of the great words in the language, don’t you think?) you are looking for, there are much better places to get it than the blog of a 73 year old curmudgeon. So, take your dirty mind and move on.

20171007_115339464794329.jpgIt is Saturday morning, and I am in the park.  That is no surprise any day of the week but Saturday is my most consistent day, my day to assess my week and do some of the things that keep this old brain ticking … write, pray, make a gratitude list, and read some inspiring essays.  Maybe (only maybe) meditate. But there is a surprise this morning and it isn’t a good one.   The park landscape crew is out and for the last forty minutes I have been serenaded by the annoying drone of a weed-whacker.  And you know what that means … soon to follow is the main act in the parade of annoying noises, the leaf blower.  Yorba Regional Park is a beautiful place, partly because of the work of the landscapers but I’d be happy to have a some long grass around the trees and a few leaves on the sidewalks to be spared the constant whine.  And on Saturday, yet.  Saturdays are supposed to be reserved for screaming children, the thump of too-loud-music from family reunions, and the drone of weekend traffic on the nearby freeway.

usc smlogoSo, before I pack up my things and head home to watch my Trojans take on the Oregon State Beavers (Yeah, I know, more double entendres. I’m not making it up.  They are the Beavers**), I’m nominating weed-whackers and leaf blowers as two of the most annoying inventions of man.  Do you have any nominations?

** This reminds me of an amusing incident on one of our local news shows, the Ken and Bob show.  Stu Nahan, the sports guy, was talking about the upcoming Dodgers game with Houston.   Somehow, Stu called the team the Houston Assholes.  While poor Stu stuttered and struggled to cover it up, Ken chimed in with this: Gee, Ive never heard of that team.  I wonder what logo they have on their hats?

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5 Comments on “Whackers and Blowers”

  1. Glenn Reed Says:

    suck it up Bro 🙂

  2. Thinking that because my husband has to drink decaf, the least I could do was to purchase a coffee grinder so his coffee would be really fresh every day. The darn thing was so loud, he started announcing (loudly, I might add) “Loud Noise” before he started the grinder. Between the announcing and grinding I finally was forced to purchase a Keurig, not as fresh but oh so peaceful. And, Keurig is a fun word to say!!

  3. MJ Says:

    Nitpick: Minyard said: “That’s a different kind of nickname. I wonder what their symbol would be on their caps?”
    I have that as a wav file and would love to find it in a form I could share on FB!

    • oldereyes Says:

      You could probably do that by using something like Windows Movie Maker to attach it to an mp4 video, say, a still of Ken and Bob. Then you could put the mp4 on FB.

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