Anniversary Songs

words and musicIf you’ve been coming around Older Eyes, Bud’s Blog for a while, you know he loves music.   His life has a soundtrack of thousands of tunes, tied to good memories and bad.  Mrs. Eyes (also known as Muri to my Bud) is not the music lover her husband is but our 50 year marriage (tomorrow) still has a soundtrack of love songs.   I thought I’d post a few today in preparation for the big day.

Our courtship began with coffee dates at The Campus Restaurant at the University of Connecticut.  This was likely playing on the jukebox and it still takes me back:

Our first date was a party at my fraternity, Beta Sigma Gamma, the first inter-racial fraternity on the campus.   Naturally, we played a lot of soul music but some of it was of the blue-eyed variety.   This became Our Song.

We met while Muri was dating my best friend, who she eventually stopped dating because he wasn’t Jewish.   When I asked her out, she thought my last name was Green (maybe Jewish), not Reed (Catholic).   Parents were degrees of unhappy about us dating.   I was immediately taken with her but she was a good daughter and wanted to please her parents.   I was persistent.   We needed to work it out.

A couple doesn’t make it through 50 years without difficulties.  This became our anthem at a particularly hard time and has been a symbol for us of what it means to be committed.

I can’t imagine a better Anniversary Song than this one …

… unless it’s this one.  We saw Gladys a few years ago in L.A. and she still has it.

Happy Anniversary, Muri


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